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30-Day Challenge: Day 2 Workout – Hot Abs!


Hi Refactual!

Welcome to Day 2.

How did you feel after yesterday? I love how fast these workouts are – it lets me get straight into my day feeling #likeaboss!

Today we’re going to jump right into an awesome Core Workout!

If you’re serious about training your abs, I recommend reading my 4-step Flat Stomach Guide (from my BLOG – which is a really good free resource you can use throughout the challenge btw)!

Remember…this page expires in 24 hours to motivate you to follow through and keep you on track!

*PDF of the Workout to Save or Print Under Today’s Video*

Thank you so much for joining me today and all month long! TOGETHER we can do this!

YOU just completed Day 2….remember to cross it off your calendar!

I’m excited to see you back here tomorrow for a full-body explosive workout….

See you tomorrow!

-Betty Rocker

PS – Working on a flat stomach?

Click here to read my 4-Step Flat Stomach Guide!

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