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In this issue: 10 tips to lower blood pressure, weight-loss readiness, thicker eyelashes and more

How can you bring down your blood pressure numbers?

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Vol. 20, Issue 30 | April 11, 2019
10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication
From moving more to watching your waistline, you can do a lot to lower high blood pressure without taking pills. Try these 10 tips.
Weight loss: Ready to change your habits?  
Losing weight takes more than wishful thinking. You’ll need to make some lifestyle changes, so answer these questions to see if you’re ready.
Latisse: The answer for longer, thicker eyelashes?
The medication Latisse may lengthen, thicken and darken eyelashes — but there can be side effects.
Macrocytosis: What causes it?
Enlarged red blood cells (macrocytosis) can be due to many factors, including a vitamin B-12 deficiency.
Play it safe when taking food to a loved one in the hospital
Here’s how to make sure your act of kindness doesn’t have unintended and even deadly consequences for the patient.
Oral cancer screening
Sprained ankle
Resilience: Build skills to endure hardship
Use our Symptom Checker to explore possible causes of your symptoms based upon Mayo Clinic’s patient care experience.
Use these simple calculators and self-assessments for personalized health tips.
Mayo Clinic healthy weight pyramid
BMI calculator
Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging
Take charge of your future and achieve perhaps the best health of your life. Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging can show you how. With this book, discover how to avoid major illness and to reduce your chances of disease. Plus get better sleep, maintain optimal vision, boost immunity and more. No matter what your age, you can continue to enjoy good health, happiness and an active lifestyle. Learn how.
Medical news from a trusted source!
When it comes to getting health news you can trust, there’s no better solution than Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Join more than 500,000 people who read this important publication each month. Order your trial issue today, and get a free special report on sleep. Learn more.
Whole-wheat blueberry pancakes
Pasta with spinach, garbanzos and raisins
Quinoa risotto with arugula and Parmesan
Mold on your cheddar? Don’t despair
If you spot mold on a wedge of hard cheese, such as cheddar or Parmesan, you may be able to salvage the cheese. Cut away the moldy part and at least 1 inch (2.5 centimeter) of the surrounding cheese, keeping the knife out of the mold. Moldy shredded or crumbled cheese can’t be saved, however, and should be discarded.
Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover even more healthy lifestyle topics at
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