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30-Day Challenge: Day 4 – Yoga


Hi Refactual!

Welcome to Day 4 of the 30-Day Challenge! I’m guessing you might be a little sore today (good for you for doing your workouts!)

That’s why today we’re going to shift gears and stretch and sculpt our bodies with a 15-minute Yoga Flow.

If you’ve never done yoga before, don’t worry! These moves are basic and easy to learn, and you’ll feel stretched, strengthened and energized when we’re done!

Hey, I know you’re feeling really good because you’re kicking butt and taking action with this challenge, but keep in mind you do not have to be PERFECT about everything!

And it’s really important that you DO NOT make yourself feel like a bad person if you don’t do absolutely everything you think you’re supposed to, ok?

I feel SO strongly about this and about you having some room to be a real person, I made this super short video called Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being “Bad” where I am extremely passionate about this topic – haha you will literally FEEL me through the screen and leave with some awesome tools to help you through this challenge and beyond. Leave me a comment after you watch it so I know you stopped by!

This page will be live for 24 hours…don’t put off your 15 minute session!

*PDF of the Workout to Save or Print Under Today’s Video*

YOU just completed Day 4 – I’m so proud of you. Make sure to cross it off on your calendar!

Stay hydrated today, and keep up the good work with your healthy eating.

Get excited for Day 5 because we’ll be kicking it up a couple notches!

See you tomorrow!

-Betty Rocker

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