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Natural Skincare Mini Course Day 5

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Hi Refactual, 

Ah, we have reached the final day of the Natural Skincare Mini Course. I’m so happy that you have joined me along this journey. Tomorrow I’ll send you a follow up email with the next steps that you can take and some helpful resources.

But today we are going to talk feet. 

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What about your feet? They are most neglected part of people’s bodies. They are so far away from central processing (your brain) that they can often get forgotten. But they work hard for you and pampering them feels soooo good.

I get dry, cracked heels from being in flip-flops in the garden all summer and rubber boots in the garden all winter. I’m on my feet a lot and used to neglect them. And then my heels got so dry that they cracked (yikes!) and it was soooo painful.

The prescription!

For many, the solution is a medicated cream that helps heal the cracks and disinfect the cuts. This is a fine solution if you need it, but how about prevention?

Now that’s an idea!

Instead of spending money on an expensive cream and dealing with painful feet, a simple routine in the shower can help to improve dry heels and prevent cracking. Oh, and it costs almost nothing.

Use a pumice stone.

Use a pumice stone for just 10-20 seconds on your feet while in the shower each day and your heels will be baby-bum smooth in no time.

Don’t forget to wash your feet with our super-secret natural foot soap. Yep, you guessed it, it’s just a regular old bar of soap again. Lather up your feet, rinse, and then scrub with the stone.

Now you’re off and running. With no cracked, sore heels.



PS: Today is the last day of the FREE Mini Course but I’ll be back tomorrow with resources to keep your natural skincare journey going. 

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