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Walk Off Your Belly

in Just 4 Weeks!
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Dear Friend,

Lucky you! You’ve been selected to receive these 3 FREE powerful weight loss tools to help firm and flatten your belly in as little as 4 weeks. They are yours FREE when you subscribe to Prevention.

Free Gift #1Free Gift #1 Walk Yourself Slim This powerful, 96-page book shows you the secrets to POWER UP.


This powerful, 96-page book shows you the secrets to POWER UP your walking and see weight loss in as little as 4 weeks.

No matter what your goals — to blast fat off your belly, butt, or thighs, to strengthen your heart, to fit into your skinny jeans, to walk faster, or to give yourself an overall shape-up — you’ll get step-by-step walking plans that will help you achieve results.

Plus, you’ll get fat-fighting recipes and meal plans to supercharge your efforts. And you’ll get a 4-week walking log to help you keep track of your workouts and celebrate your success!

Free Gift #2Free Gift #2 Pedometer You’ll love your FREE pedometer! It will keep you motivated.


You’ll love your FREE pedometer! And you’ll love how it keeps you motivated to stick to your walking goals. Before long, you may discover that you’ve lost weight, lowered your cholesterol, reduced your overall risk of heart disease, taken inches off your hips and thighs, and boosted your energy levels!

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Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor
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Prevention is ALL NEW!Get 2 Free Gifts — Walk Yourself Slim and Pedometer — with your subscription to Prevention.

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