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🔍 Marketing meets accessibility | 36% of SMBs have an SEO strategy

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This is Associate Editor George Nguyen here, a recent and inspired addition to the Search Engine Land team. But enough about me. Here’s the content you came for.

Small businesses might become a viable audience for SEO experts as just 36% of SMBs say they currently have an SEO strategy in place, according to a recent survey. Another 23% plan on pursuing an SEO strategy this year and 15% intend to get started in “2020 or later.”

Publishers, content producers, and SEOs may just have one less thing to fret about when it comes to building modern apps. DeepCrawl has spotted a testing version of GoogleBot that can render the web like a modern Chrome browser. Google’s own Martin Splitt has confirmed this via Twitter, stating, “We’re testing things all the time and sometimes these experiments are visible. :).”

Accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought for marketers. Recognizing that audiences are diverse means empowering differently abled users to effortlessly navigate your site and enjoy your content, says Microsoft’s Christi Olson. Applying basic techniques such as using standard HTML semantics, enabling keyboard navigation, or adding video transcripts can go a long way in showing audiences that you have their needs in mind.

There’s more below, including a Pro Tip on workflows and today’s search shorts.

George Nguyen,
Associate Editor

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Pro Tip

Here’s why integrated workflows are so important to search success

“To be successful with search, you need to integrate workflows and build a foundation for collaboration, as well as continue to foster teamwork,” explains Andrew Dennis of Page One Power. “Coordination between content and SEO teams should be happening long before any content is developed. If you want to earn organic traffic you need content – but not just any content, you need the right content. SEO teams can guide content strategy in two primary ways – competitor and audience analysis through the lens of search.”

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Are You Wasting Money on Google Ads?

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Search advertising is the largest expense for most digital advertisers. How can you tell if you’re spending efficiently? This step-by-step guide from QuanticMind outlines five different scenarios that will help you uncover new opportunities to boost returns on Google Ads.

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Search Shorts

Cache, URL inspection tool & site command.

Google Cache date outdated. There are widespread reports of the Google cache pages being outdated.  This is nothing to worry about says Google – it won’t impact your crawling, indexing or ranking in Google.

Best way to check if a page is indexed. Google’s John Mueller said the best way to check if a page is indexed or not is to use the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console.

Don’t depend on site commands. John Mueller from Google also said the site:-query isn’t always reflective of how a site is indexed.

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