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30-Day Challenge: Day 6 – Upper Body


Hi Refactual!

Welcome to Day 6 – we are so close to finishing our first week!

Today’s workout is a 15-minute Upper Body focused workout.

This workout doesn’t just work your biceps and chest – we’ll also hit the back and tricep muscles for a complete upper body sculpt.

To avoid injuries and overuse, we want to bring balance to our movement and exercise program by working all of the muscles equally.

Don’t forget… this page expires in 24-hours!

*PDF of the Workout to Save or Print Under Today’s Video*

Great job today! You are so awesome!

If you have a minute, I recommend stretching out your chest. Use the move I show you at the end of the workout, and pay attention to breathing fully and evenly.

I want to make sure you’re eating really well this week, and the entire duration of this challenge.

I want to make sure you’re eating really well this week, and the entire duration of this challenge…and not putting too much pressure on yourself to “do everything.”

If you’re starting to feel like you’re “falling behind” on the challenge, here’s how to keep access of the videos forever, along with a plan you can use on your own schedule.

See you tomorrow!

-Betty Rocker

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