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Monday’s Headlines: Democrats take aim at Stephen Miller over his role in immigration policy

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Democrats take aim at Stephen Miller over his role in immigration policy
Key lawmakers say the White House adviser should be brought before congressional committees to testify about an administration plan to release undocumented immigrants into “sanctuary cities” represented by President Trump’s Democratic critics.
Pete Buttigieg officially begins 2020 campaign, says he can beat Trump
Buttigieg’s challenge: translating goodwill among Democrats who are eager to cheer a confident, youthful voice from the Midwest into a sustained national campaign.
Trump’s campaign raises over $30 million in the first quarter
The president’s fundraising far outpaces each of the top Democratic contenders who seek to oust him from office.
New Washington archbishop is once again stepping in as the head of a church in turmoil
Wilton Gregory replaces Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who resigned six months ago because of complaints about his handling of sexual abuse claims.
The Masters | Perspective
Golf’s prodigal son returns with a roar. It’ll be ages before another day like this.
After Tiger Woods’s victory at Augusta National, there is no debate: This is the greatest comeback in sports history.
Serena Williams, Obama, Trump and others react
It was a special Sunday at the Masters and not just for the man in the trademark red shirt.
Woods gives golf another unforgettable moment — and begins a new chapter
Tiger Woods is a major champion once again. But the man who put on the green jacket Sunday is not the same one who last won a major 11 years ago.
‘Game of Thrones’ recap: In ‘Winterfell,’ Jon Snow returns home and learns the truth
In the highly-anticipated final season premiere, Jon found out about his true heritage after he and Daenerys arrived in Winterfell to try to raise an army to fight the Night King and White Walkers.
Was ‘Game of Thrones’ supposed to mean anything? Only if you wanted it to.
The HBO show could be as far away as you like, preoccupied with its own make-believe. But in this politically distrustful era, it could also be eerily close.
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 premiere recap
George Clooney and John Prendergast: Sudan needs more than words. It needs action.
Cheating the Boston Marathon is disrespectful to those running honestly
Democrats need to pick up this trait. Republicans need to nix it.
Netanyahu was a cautious leader — until Trump came along
Trump shouldn’t complain when he nominates people like this
More News
Fact Checker | Analysis
Six Democratic talking points that aren’t far off the mark
Voters will probably be hearing these lines in the coming months, so we thought we would provide a quick roundup that explains the sources and context of these numbers.
As Venezuela crisis drags on, Pompeo defends U.S. actions
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has maintained his grip, and the pace of nations recognizing opposition figure Juan Guaidó has slowed. But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has upheld the righteousness of U.S. leadership.
The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic — just in time for a death boom
These days, there are more golf-course cocktail send-offs and backyard potluck memorials, more Clapton and less “Ave Maria,” more Hawaiian shirts and fewer dark suits.
A black Columbia student went looking for free food. He ended up pinned down by campus police.
By the end of the night, Alexander McNab would find himself the forced star of the latest viral video to command outrage and concern over the threat of racial profiling.
American Airlines cancels 737 Max flights through Aug. 19
The move reflects a growing realization across the aviation community that the worldwide grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max jets is not likely to abate soon.
A man kept one of the ‘world’s most dangerous’ birds on his farm. Then it killed him.
Cassowaries are one of the world’s largest birds and are known for a dangerous, dagger-like nail on their toe.

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