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Hi Refactual,

I wanted to give you one easy place to find everything that’s available on in case you have a question, are looking for a quick workout or recipe, or just something to pick you up when you’re not feeling motivated.

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You’ll find the entire workout category via that link, and you can find workouts for your abs, booty, legs, upper body and full body!

It’s not all about doing workouts, sometimes we get MORE out of our workouts when we understand how our bodies work.

As a great place to read about how your muscles work, how to train when you’re sick or injured, what’s going on when you’re not seeing results, and more!

You’ll find tons of healthy, delicious, gluten and dairy free recipes to try for breakfasts, sides, snacks, muffins and bread, desserts, and entrees!

As a great place to read about how food works in your body, and what you need to know to be healthy and strong from the INSIDE out.

I really encourage you to read the posts in that category over the course of the next couple weeks.

There is also a fantastic MOTIVATION SECTION!

If you’re ever feeling unmotivated, or you’re looking for a strategy on how to set better boundaries, how to have a better day, how to deal with difficult decisions, or stop being so hard on yourself, this is the section for you!

Use it as often as you’d like.

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I’ve also put together an awesome list of answers to common questions about fitness and nutrition right here on the FAQ page!



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