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Important SFB Membership Price Change News (Effective 1 May, 2019)


Just a quick message to mention SuperFastBusiness membership rates are changing for NEW members on May 1, 2019.

Why is this important?

If you are intending to join SFB sometime soon, you can access the current lower rate for private coaching as long as you claim this before May 1, 2019.

Why are rates changing?

I have been offering private personal forum (text-based) coaching inside SFB membership. Originally, I was going to charge $5000 per year for personal coaching.  I rolled it out as a test and currently, this option is just $200 per month (or $2000 per year) and the value members have been getting is far in excess of that. This service takes my personal time and I have a cap on how much time I can put towards this. I will no longer be offering personal coaching for such a low rate.

Add to this, my Amazon ‘Best Seller’ book and highly-rated Audible version of "Work Less, Make More" have driven quite a few members my way.  My highest-level program where I coach well-known online names like Pat Flynn, Ezra Firestone, Molly Pitman and Tom Breeze, is always fully subscribed.

SFB Private coaching annual members receive my help for a year.

What do you get as a member of SFB?

– Access to a large, resource-rich forum of posts and frameworks

– Access to the mobile app version to use it

– Frequent Live Training (monthly)

– Personal chat coaching with James via private text thread

– Event recordings spanning years (including the recent $2000 per ticket sold-out – SFB LIVE 2019)

– Local meetups *depending on area

– 400+ other members who are pretty awesome


Is coaching effective?

"It's no coincidence that my time working with James corresponded with the three biggest growth years in business…His real superpower is teaching you how to reach simplicity, on the far side of complexity both in your business and in your life."

– Ryan Levesque

"James is the best coach in the world for online business entrepreneurs."

– Ezra Firestone

Do regular members get results too?

I just got these quotes from the private section where people who joined in the last month are getting equally impressive results:


New member B:

"The support you have given me has helped me in many ways. I more than doubled the price of my program and it actually seems easier to make sales"

Member J, who increased profit by over $7K per month:

"FYI, I know you already know this. But the OTHER secret sauce of SFB (beyond your personal coaching… which no one else online is doing one-to-one, that I'm aware of) is the community. Increasingly it feels like this is where the real experts all are."

Member O:

"This membership is already the best investment I have made in my short time online. (Only into week 2 and it has already paid for itself)"

What are the new rates?

The SFB annual membership will change from the current $200 PM   / $2000 USD Per Year
to the new rate of $300 PM / $2600 USD Per Year.

(If you are on a budget, please note I am also introducing in a new group coaching level, which does not include private coaching, at $150 PM  / $1500 Per Year.)

Join NOW before May 1, 2019 and LOCK IN the low rate for as long as you stay.

Want to join?

Get access immediately:




P.S: Bonus: If you are one of the first ten orders for ANNUAL membership option, I’ll send you a bag of books and a Hoodie valued at $160*


Must be annual membership
Must be a New member
Must not have attended SFB LIVE 2019

Must be full price $2000

Why am I getting this email?

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