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Why you need to master the ‘dirty’ art of selling

Dear Refactual,

What springs to your mind when you think about selling?

If you see selling as a dirty art and salespeople as slinky and manipulative, then you have a problem with selling.

Back in 2005, I had my first contact with sales.

I was a student, and at that time I had just married my lovely wife, Florina and took my husband responsibility seriously.

We needed money to sustain ourselves as my parents provided only limited support and her parents did not sustain us at all.
Driven by the need for more, I went into searching for opportunities to use my spare time.

I found a small company producing hydraulic pressure hoses for construction equipment like excavators and tractors. The tubes that provide hydraulic oil to the arm and coup of an excavator and allows it to move and flex.

Click here to see what kind of stuff I was carrying with me around the city in a plastic bag.

I remember myself walking around construction sites and industrial areas in Craiova, Romania with a one-meter long hose in a plastic bag in search of qualified prospects for the products.

I haven’t been told anything about selling, and I couldn’t articulate the benefits of the product to potential buyers.

I was unprepared and I failed miserably.

I haven’t sold any of those hoses for three months despide being out on the field almost daily. What a lesson I learned there, but more about this in a future post.

Back to you Refactual.

If you see selling as something that you do to people instead of something that you do with people this is a sign you have a wrong attitude towards selling.

Let’s face it. Everybody sells.

You sell every day. Multiple times a day.

Imagine the following situation.

A few weeks ago, you had a great experience at an excellent restaurant.

Today you have a coffee with one of your friends which tells you he or she is looking for a place to invite his or her partner for dinner.

The perfect opportunity for you to share the premium experience you had at that great restaurant.

You strongly recommend him/her to take his/her partner there. You are so pleased with your experience that you almost guarantee they will have a premium experience there.

Aren’t you selling? You bet you are.

We all sell, but only a few of us face it. 😉

If nobody will sell how would we find out about all the things which make our life easier in today’s world?

How would we get all the technology we surround ourselves with is Apple and Samsung wouldn’t sell at every point of contact?

We need to be sold. You should be happy people want to sell you.

However, if you don’t know how to sell yourself, you do not really have a business.

What is the purpose of designing exceptional products and services if no one would benefit from them?

You have to be comfortable with the idea of selling.

Unless you break any law, the products and services you sell are designed to help your customers to remove a pain or create pleasure in their lives.

So, you are helping them by making them aware of the benefit your service or product brings them.

Talking about benefits, do not overlook the precious resources you have at your fingertips in the form of the 3 Critical Steps You Must Take to Massively Accelerate Your Business Growth eBook and the all-important specially-crafted Success Implementation Guide. Revisit them periodically.

These invaluable resources are like a good book, you read it several times, and every time you understand more. It is not because the information has changed, you have.

The good news is everybody can learn to sell and if you are uncomfortable with the idea of selling, you can build a team to compliment you in this area.

In the end, everything boils down to this: have you bought into the product or service you sell?

What proof do you need to buy into it, so you are comfortable in selling it to other people?

What do you need to experience to make you sell it as you did when sharing about the great restaurant?

I leave you with these coaching questions for now, and I encourage you to invest some time thinking into and answering them for yourself.



PS: If my mentors didn’t sell I wouldn’t be here writing to you today, and you probably wouldn’t be benefiting from all these powerful insights and ideas.

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