Hope you are doing good and quick reminder that just a few more days to go till the doors open for Ultimate Football Trading and you will get the chance to dive in.

You are definitely on the invite list so just look out for my email on the 23rd.

But I want to quickly share a story about what happened when I last opened enrollment.

I had an email from a guy called “Jack” (not his real name)…

And he was on the waiting list like you are now but when it came to the doors opening he sent me an email telling me he pretty furiously that he wouldn’t be signing up.

And the reason (and this is serious)

He said, “I don’t agree with the cost of the course, it would take me about a month to make the money back with my current bank”.

And this response literally blew my mind.


A month?

What is a month in the grand scheme of things?

You are learning a skill that you can use for LIFE to make you money for many months to come and the earning potential from this is extremely high with some traders doing 5-6 figures per month, you just have to look at the liquidity in the market to see that. (More on that soon).

I replied to Jack even though I knew it was pointless since people with that mindset are a lost cause.

And I told him (not the exact words)…

There are people who study for 3-5 years at University only to end up with jobs that are barely above minimum wage. I know because I was one of them, and you are worried about having to study for a MONTH to learn something that can potentially earn you 10 times that. What planet are you on mate?

Of course, I didn’t hear back from Jack but it amazes me how short term people think with all of this.


Here is a fun fact: The average UK Graduate is in 50k worth of debt after completing a 3 year degree. The vast majority NEVER get a job in their chosen field (I know I didn’t) and it takes an average of 30 years for most to pay their debt off. (Google it if you don’t believe me).



Then you have Jack complaining about the spending a few hundred pounds and the fact it might take him 30 days to pay it off.

And this is to learn a skill that can bring in 5-6 figures per month if you scale it up.

Laughable when you think about it.

I do get quite passionate about this sort of thing since I was one of the many who went to University in the UK and pretty much got nothing out of it apart from wasting time and money. Looking at it now, it is one of the biggest cons out there and the best way to learn anything is through real world experience and going out there and doing it but this is another debate for another day.

Anyway, the vast majority of football traders who do those big numbers I mentioned prefer to remain anonymous for obvious reasons but one success story I love reading about is that of a humble man called Ersen from Turkey who you might also know by the name of Psychoff.

A man who has scaled up his football trading to the point where he had a 6 figure month on the World Cup last year and often does high five figure months (all verified).

You can read his story here when I interviewed him last year


This is worth a read, then another read and another one later. So many golden nuggets of information.

Enjoy and speak soon

Sports Trading Life


Hope you enjoy the interview, I think you will find his approach to football trading very interesting. He doesn’t believe in getting bogged down with pre-match stats and just follows what he can see.
And this is very similar to the approach you will learn in Ultimate Football Trading as you will see next week.

So do check out the interview, here is the link again > https://sportstradinglife.com/2018/04/psychoff-professional-football-trader-interview/