So as you should be aware by now, you are on the invite list for general enrollment and the chance to join Ultimate Football Trading when the doors open next week on April 23.

And when you join, the main thing you will be getting is an instant portfolio of football trading strategies and all the SAME methods I use myself.


Which begs the question (and one I get a lot) why are you giving away your strategies? Don’t you worry you will be giving away your edge? And why don’t you just make money from the strategies and forget selling courses?

Well let me explain…

Don’t you worry you will be giving away your edge?

My edge (and your edge) doesn’t come from the strategies alone.

It comes from interpreting the data that is presented in front of you. In football trading, this data comes from the action on the pitch, the stats both pre-match and in-play and the market prices. Looking at all the data that is in front of me I then make a decision about whether or not to get involved (most important), which strategy to use and how much to risk.

I can then decide when to stay in and when to get out etc

Based on how the trade goes, how I react to that trade is very important too (i.e not chasing losses, keeping discipline)

So that is where my edge comes from and where yours will. It is from your own decision making.

The strategies are there to MAXIMISE the potential profits you can make when you pick the right opportunities but the strategies alone will not help you to succeed without good decision making.

Now I DO teach you all of this inside the course. I go into good detail to show you how to spot the best opportunities but the only way to get really good at it is through experience.Image

Take this above trade I shared on twitter a while back that involved laying Sassulo at 1.02 who were leading 3-1 with just 2 minutes left. The average newbie trader won’t have an eye for opportunities like this but with time you will be able to spot them. This is the part that is hard to teach since it is only with experience of viewing all these data points multiple times will you really get a good eye for an opportunity.

So I am not worried about giving away my edge since I have years of experience behind me and my ability to make good decisions is dependent on me and me alone.

I don’t rely on a spreadsheet, a bot or someone else to make these decisions. It is me and me alone.

If everyone learns the methods, they will interpret matches differently from me and they might still succeed doing that. That is what is great about football trading, the markets are huge.

Maybe I want to back a team @ 2.10 but another trader feels the value is in waiting till 2.50.

We can both still win the trade and that myth about the markets being affected by us all trading the same way is absolute nonsense.

Look at the money in the markets, I would have to build a pretty huge army of football traders that are all taking the EXACT same entry points in order to have some sort of influence.

A few hundred people inside my program isn’t going to do that. Considering there are hundreds of markets to trade daily then it is even less likely that everyone is picking out the same trades with the same entry points.

As I said, it is all about interpretation.

I will teach you how best to interpret the data but no matter what, there will always be someone with a different opinion and who interprets things differently.

That is why the Exchange exists, whenever you back a price that is because someone believes it is a lay.

It might be hard to believe but when you lay 1.01 it is because somebody wants to back at 1.01!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going email you to answer the second question “And why don’t you just make money from the strategies and forget selling courses?

Since understanding my motivation behind doing this is very important and I will go into detail about that tomorrow.

For now, do check out this quick video from UFT member Scott who speaks about his experience since joining Ultimate Football Trading, link >
Only 3 minutes so give that a watch and I will be back tomorrow!

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Yes the doors open for general enrollment on April 23 and will close on April 28 and YES you are on the invite list, no action to take!