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How Can We See More Pictures?

Hi Refactual, 

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Here is recent activity from the blog.  Fredd has a great question about his Venus Flytrap plant turning black, and my response:

Best words of advice: Don't over love your plant!

Pictures of Plants – Your Opinion is Wanted

I would love to see pictures of your plants. But I have to figure out how to allow readers of this blog to upload photos… have to keep the spammers at bay and I don’t want to deal with graphic licensing issues…

I am looking into how folks can include in their comments, images from Pinterest or Flickr. Would be more fun that way!

What do you all think?  Pictures of your plants on the blog?

Suggestions on how to do this?

Please put your comments here:

Many thanks!

Gardening Books On Kindle

I just have to share this with you at this last moment.  There are some grrrreat books you can download instantly to your Kindle or Kindle device.

There are even some wonderful books on carnivorous plants.

With these great plants, you can garden year around.

Check out these helpful How -Tos on Gardening for your Kindle here

And happy Venus Flytrap growing!





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