Hey Refactual
So just to confirm that you are officially on the invite list and as you know tomorrow morning on Tuesday April 23 we will open the doors once again to Ultimate Football Trading and I can also now confirm the time it will open.
10am UK time!
That is right it is a 10am kick off time (nice and early)  So be sure to be ready to grab a spot as soon as it opens since as you know spaces will be limited, if demand is too high we will close the doors early. This time tomorrow you could have an instant portfolio of strategies in your hands! 🙂
NOTE: If for some reason you have not heard from me by the afternoon then feel free to reply to this email and I can manually send you your invite. 🙂
In the meantime, In case you missed it, I recorded a quick video to show you “behind the scenes” of the Ultimate Football Trading course.
 This will give you a really good feel of what to expect when you sign up and also on the same page you can see video testimonials from other members.
So check out that short video, I am sure you will be impressed. Especially as I have been busy cleaning the place up in anticipation of your arrival  😉
See you tomorrow and don’t forget it is a 10am kick off time and this is only open for 5 days. I would hate for you to not be involved for what is the most enjoyable part of the season, history is going to be made by some football teams in May and it will be nice to profit when it happens ;-).
For those wondering if they were successful in getting a discount code, those who got one will be emailed tonight around 6pm so keep a look out for that!