Congratulations Refactual
Your application for an invite to join Ultimate Football Trading “the BIGGEST Football Trading Video ever made” was successful and to make this EVEN better you have also been granted a special discount code!
You have probably been selected because you missed out last time, are a previous customer or just open a lot my emails! Either way, not everyone gets this so please do not share or tell anyone else this code.

And you are not just getting any coupon code, you are getting the Leo Messi coupon code which means it is the G.O.A.T of coupon codes and the BEST you will find anywhere around. 😉
Discount code: MESSI2019
Keep that safe, please do NOT share it and once access is open tomorrow (@10am) you just input this code at check out to receive a pretty generous discount.
This code is only guaranteed to be valid for the first 48 hours after the doors open so be quick. This rewards those action takers, do not think you can wait and the code will still work. After it expires, nothing anyone can do 🙁

And remember, access is ONLY open for 5 days. I am making the enrollment window shorter this around so I do not get overwhelmed and I can concentrate on my trading.
So anyway watch out for the access open email tomorrow so you can be one of the first to get in and claim your spot!
By the way, in case you missed the look inside email I sent out earlier, here is the link one more time. Have a sneak peak 😉
This time tomorrow you could be sitting watching and enjoying all the videos. Plus some SPECIAL bonuses that I will include. More on that tomorrow 🙂