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Reset Your Body In Just 5 Days!

Tuesday, April 23rd 10 am MST


You must have heard of “Fasting” by now! It is the new rave but not all fasts are equal or safe.

Many people tell me they are confused by all the promises and the variety of fasts on the market, so we would like to honor our multiple requests from patients, friends, and family with an easy-to-follow, science backed 5-Day Mimic Fast Diet which is one of our NEW 5-Day Regenerative Reset Programs we offer.

And YES, it includes eating, so jump into our FREE Webinar to get your questions answered and be part of the reset for your health.

Simply OPT-IN Tuesday, April 23rd at 10 am MST with Dr. Christi and I as we share our own personal experiences as well as many of our patients on this 5-Day Mimic Fast Diet.

Join the fun as we explain the science of how you can eliminate weight, aches and pains, lose fat fast safely, increase your stem cell production and begin the process of feeling good again.

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Webinar Tuesday, April 23rd at 10 am MST!

Join our FUN FREE LIVE Webinar to learn more! Get your questions answered.

REMINDER NOTE: The Webinar LINK will NOT be active until our presentation begins on Tuesday April 23rd at 10 am MST.

First things first, why fast?

Fasting is a way for us to let our bodies heal the way that they were naturally designed to. In addition to weight loss benefits, fasting can lead to better sleep, improved stem cell regeneration, smoother/younger looking skin, and overall better digestion. This all happens due to a process called autophagy. Auto means self, and phagy is to eat up.

So, essentially, we are eating up our own damaged cells. After autophagy, our bodies need to go through a process of regeneration through circulating stem cells. Stem cells are precursor cells that turn into other cells. It’s the closest to a fresh start as you can get!

Let me introduce you to the most researched eating system today! . Together we can trick our bodies into fasting without starving, which allows us to undergo autophagy followed by stem cell regeneration.

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