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Latest Articles from Gardening Know How for 04/24/2019

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The Latest Articles From
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Are Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Edible – Should You Be Eating Ornamental Sweet Potatoes

Over the course of the last decade or so, ornamental sweet potatoes have become almost a staple in many hanging baskets or decorative containers. As with many good things, the plants time comes to an end and is invariably jerked out of the container to be tossed in the compost. But wait, what about the ornamental sweet potato tubers? Can you eat ornamental sweet potatoes? Are Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Edible? Yes, ornamental sweet potatoes are edible! Ornamental sweet potato tubers are, indeed, sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas). That said, ornamental sweet potato tubers are planted for their lovely chartreuse, purple or variegated trailing foliage that serves as the perfect counterpoint to offset annual blooms. What that means regarding eating ornamental sweet potatoes is that, yes, while you can eat ornamental sweet potatoes, they are not necessarily the tastiest of sweet potatoes and are, in fact, much more bitter. It may take

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Making Old Paint Can Pots: Can You Grow Plants In Paint Cans

Plants are beautiful in and of themselves, but you can also combine them in cool ways with containers. One project to try: potting plants in DIY paint can containers. If you’ve never seen plants in paint cans, you’re in for a treat. Containers made of paint cans are artsy and fun and show off foliage and flowers beautifully. Read on for information on how to get started. Making Paint Can Planters Gardeners are increasingly creative when it comes to displaying their plants in containers in the garden. You may have heard of plants growing in old bath tubs, gutters and even pallets. Why not plants in paint cans? Before you get started on making up DIY paint can containers, you’ll need to gather the equipment. You can recycle empty paint cans after you repaint your kitchen, but it’s also fun to buy empty metal paint cans from the hardware store

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Good Plants For Berms: What To Grow On A Berm

A berm can be a useful and an attractive part of your landscape, adding height and visual interest while also providing a wind or noise barrier or even changing and improving drainage. Whatever the reason you choose for creating a berm in your garden, don’t forget to choose and put in the best berm plants to make it really pop and look like more than just a random hill. Looking for some ideas for planting on a berm? Read on to learn more. What to Grow on a Berm A berm is essentially just a raised bit of the landscape, which you may choose to add to your yard for any variety of reasons: improved aesthetics, as a focal point, for a wind break, as a privacy screen, or to redirect drainage. Regardless of the reason, your new berm will be just a hill until you add plantings to it

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What Are Edible Pod Peas: Learn About Peas With Edible Pods

When people think of peas, they think of the tiny green seed (yes, it’s a seed) alone, not the exterior pod of the pea. That’s because English peas are shelled prior to being eaten, but there are also several edible pod pea varieties. Peas with edible pods were made for lazy cooks because let’s face it, shelling peas is time consuming. Interested in growing edible pod peas? Read on for more edible pod pea info. What are Edible Pod Peas? Edible pod peas are peas where the parchment has been bred out of the pod so the young pods stay tender. While there are a number of edible pod pea varieties, they come from two ilks: the Chinese pea pod (also known as snow pea or sugar pea) and snap peas. Chinese pea pods are flat pods with insignificant peas inside that are commonly used in Asian cuisine. Snap peas

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