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What if I had it all wrong?

Hello Refactual,

I love, love, love this subject. I really do.

I had a blast putting these lines together and the lesson I will teach on Purpose – Vision – Goals. I loved going through my notes, really just bathing in the thought idea of how we create what we want in our lives.

Just now, having the idea that we can create, because I didn’t always operate from that idea. And I think that has to be one of the fundamentals and the very first understanding for goal setting.

Although we will talk about goal setting and goal achieving all through this lesson, I want to affirm the understanding that what we call goal setting and goal achieving, really is a very natural process of creation and manifestation.

You know, is interesting, we’ll go and take courses and classes, or we’ll read books and this is probably the most sought after subject, goal setting and goal achieving, and yet it is a very natural process for you and for I.

It is how we create and manifest in our lives.

This is a very important distinction to make, because for many years in my life, I looked at myself as a failure, when it came to being a goal achiever….. I had failed so many times in achieving goals, and when I say I failed, what I really mean is I simply just quit trying.

I don’t honestly ever remember making the conscious decision to quit trying.

I can remember making the decisions to not do whatever it was that I was supposed to do that day to achieve my goal, but I never looked at that singular decision as me saying “No” to my life’s dream, to me quitting on my goal.

I still wanted my goal, but it always seemed to lead to that. Sooner or later I quit on my goal… I would stop trying altogether.

But what if I had it all wrong…

What if I was looking at this goal setting thing all wrong?

What if I really was not failing when I quit? What if quitting from time to time was a necessary part of the goal achievement process?

What if that time space that I had labeled as quitting, was actually a natural and necessary part of the process in goal achievement, a time space, in the creative process for self-evaluation and self-contemplation, a necessary expression of the Law of Rhythm, rather than a space for more action?

What if, in that time space, I defined as quitting, I was to use that as a time in the creative process to strengthen my inner image?

Even while doing nothing, not exercising, studying, whatever it was, if I still held the image… that image would still keep me in the goal achievement or creative process, it’s not just the physical activity.

What if I changed my perception of goal achieving altogether and began to see it as a creative process, a process of manifesting things in my life, of attracting things into my life?

Now, that was something I could have more confidence in,  that I knew I had been successful at in my life.

For some reason when I looked at this process as creating things, as manifesting things, I had less self-judgment when I would meet with temporary failure.

You see, goal setting and goal achieving are skills that must be learned, they require a learning model, as all things do. Just as learning to ride a bicycle.

But creating, manifesting, now that is a very natural process for us, we were born creators, we came pre-programmed to create, we arrived on the scene with the learning model of creating already programmed within us.

What a huge shift in awareness, what a great way to begin this process, starting with the belief that I am already a creator, I have nothing to learn, rather I only need to become fully aware of this power I already poses.

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