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Content Marketing

Posted: 24 Apr 2019 06:42 PM PDT

Our favorite channel, by far, is content marketing.

We don’t have to push people to become our customers, all we have to do is release amazing content and great prospects will come to us.

For many us, getting into sales or paid marketing just as appealing as being able to help people while marketing our business. We get the best of both worlds. Not only do we grow our business, we provide a ton of value and solve problems for people along the way.

It’s not all roses though, content marketing does have some downsides. The main one being how long it takes. To build an audience that loves our content, we have to invest a ton of time.

To help you get results sooner rather than later, we’ve put together a huge collection of guides below that detail every step of content marketing.

Content Creation

Creating content is no joke.

The first few pieces are always fun and exciting, then it turns into a grind.

One of the most intelligent decisions you can make is how you approach content creation. Setting the right frequency, not getting burned out, using reliable templates, and getting the most from every piece of content makes it much more manageable over the long term.

Before jumping in and getting burned out, go through these guides and put some thought into your long term content plan.

How to Write 5 or More Articles a Week and Not Burn Out

How to Create a Popular Infographic

Does Infographic Marketing Still Work? A Data Driven Answer

8 Tactics to Increase Sales with Video Content


We all want engaging content.

That’s the difference between a successful content marketing program and one that’s dragging along without getting results.

If you spend the time to get really good at making each piece of content highly engaging, your entire program will light on fire. You’ll get endless shares, tons of word-of-mouth, and more links than you know what to do with. Engaging content is the cornerstone of any great content marketing strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content

9 Tips to Create Highly Engaging Content

How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling

4 Ways to Make Your Content Gripping to Readers

30 Tips For Creating Content that Gets Shared and Discussed

Metrics in Google Analytics To Help You Make Better Content

How to Cut Your Bounce Rate in Half with Interactive Content

The 8 Underused Components of Compelling Content

How to Get 247% More People to Read Your Content

Content Creation Tactics That Will Amp Your Content’s Reach

Suck Your Readers In: 4 Types of Openings for Sticky Content

Formatting Tactics That Will Double Average Time on Page

Ideation / Topic Development

Another major sticking point for content marketing is the blank page. What happens when you completely run out of ideas?

And how do we ensure that our ideas will resonate with our audience?

Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s too expensive to simply produce a ton of content and hope for the best. These days, we use a number of processes and step-by-step formulas to quickly generate a ton of ideas that our audience loves.

Feel free to use all of them yourself:

10 Tips To Help You Find Interesting Topics in Minutes

7 Ways to Find Better Content Ideas

The Top 15 Ways to Come up with New Content Ideas

Generate Clickable Ideas For Content Marketing


Infographics got really hot around the 2012-2015 period. It seemed like every infographic went crazy viral as soon as it was released.

Granted, they don’t pop quite like they used to but a great infographic can still cut through all the other marketing clutter. Especially since most folks aren’t producing them anymore.

5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

How to Enhance Your Content by Building Infographics


Also take the time to dial in your personal productivity. With the volume of content that needs to get produced, any small productivity win pays huge dividends over time.

The Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

18 Tools for Better Content Creation To Improve Writing

Produce More Content in Less Time With These 6 Tactics

Templates for Quick and Easy Content Creation

6 Unconventional Tips to Create Content Faster

How to Double Your Writing Speed Without Lowering Quality


One strategy has never failed me: when in doubt, improve quality.

If you ever find yourself stuck with a struggling content marketing program, push on quality. Find a way to make it better than anything else that your competitors are doing. If you improve quality enough and maintain it for a long enough period, you will win.

Discover Whether Your Audience Is Bored with Your Content

6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know

7 Tips to Take Your Content From “Meh” to Amazing

Is Your Content Good Enough? 6 Questions to Find the Answer

A Method for Finding Out Whether Your Content Sucks

How to Take and Edit Photos Without Hiring a Professional

Examples of Truly “Epic” Content: How Does Yours Stack Up?

Scaling Content

Once you’ve gotten a content marketing program to work, the next major hurdle is scaling it.

Don’t take this step lightly, lots of folks stumble here.

At this point, you’ve spent countless hours honing your content skills. You’ve gotten pretty darn good.

But when you start getting contractors or employees to help, they’re not nearly as good. They’re also not as motivated as you were in the early days. And the folks that are really good? They’re either working on their own business or are too expensive.

When you first start scaling your content team, go slow and perfect every part of your process. These guides will get you up to speed:

6 Skills All Great Writers Have (and How to Learn Them)

The 15 Best Tools for Creating Content as a Team

How to Do Curated Content RIGHT: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create Content More Efficiently with Curation

11 Advanced Techniques for Repurposing Old Content

How to Run Contests That Encourage User-Generated Content

How to Leverage Crowdsourced Content to Grow Your Audience

How to Grow Your Business by Doing Less Work with UGC


With every year, video gets bigger and bigger.

The best part is that it’s not nearly as competitive as other types of content for one simple reason: it takes a lot more effort to produce.

Yes, video costs have come down tremendously over the years. All you need is an iPhone for great quality video. But the editing
and production of video still take a ton of time. Since it’s going to be a much larger investment than other content types, make your video is as good as possible:

If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless

How Text Drives More Traffic Than Video Content

Written Word

Blog posts, articles, PDFs, and emails all form the core of any content marketing strategy.

Get good at these and you’ll always have a way to grow your business.

A Guide to Writing a Compelling Article Introduction

A Guide to Producing a 3,000-Word Article on Any Topic

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Scannable Content

12 Content-Writing Secrets of Professional Writers

Learn To Write Content like a Pro

Content Marketing

Creating the content is one thing, spreading it is another.

Yes, if your content is unbelievably good, it will spread on its own. But I wouldn’t recommend depending on this. I’d much rather plan for the worst and hope for the best. I do that by marketing my content and helping it spread.

If I can kick start the content sharing process, then the quality of the content can carry it the rest of the way. Here’s all of our tips, ticks, and hacks to give content that little extra push.

8 Content Marketing Tricks Helped Dollar Shave Club Go Viral

How to Use Content Marketing For a “Boring” Industry

Create Content That Will Increase Your Traffic by Tomorrow

10 Tips to Make Content Marketing Work for Small Budgets

A Guide on How To Create a Guide That’ll Drive 360k Visitors

How to Create Content That Drives Sales

35 Content Marketing Lessons Learned

93 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2019

34 Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know

Build Audience Connections with Content Marketing


What about the nitty gritty of where to publish and feature your content? Should you repost content? Reshare it? What about sponsored promotions?

We’ve broken down our recommendations on everything:

Should You Repost Your Blog Content on Other Websites?

Distribute Content Effectively Across Multiple Channels

How to Combine Native Advertising with Content Marketing

Leverage Basic Concepts of Sponsored Content to Boost Reach

Amplify the Reach of Your Content Without Spending a Dime

Create a Waterfall of Downloads for Your Ebook

How to Repurpose Your Content Across Multiple Platforms

Which Content Marketing Strategies Have the Biggest Impact


The best way to ensure results from your content marketing is by picking the right content strategy to begin with.

There are quite a few strategies for content marketing, many of them work in different situations too. So take the time to research all the options and then pick the best one depending on your exact situation.

How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content

7 Ways to Ensure You Maximize Your ROI From Content

Give Away Your Best Content, Your Business Will Grow by 290%

How B2B Audiences Engage with Business Content Online

How to Use Humor to Power up Your Content Marketing

6 Steps to Your First Content Marketing Plan

The Future of Content: What It Will Look Like

Create a Content Marketing System That Runs on Autopilot

7 Required Content Marketing Principles To Master

10 Quick Low Hanging Fruit of Content Marketing

One Insanely Actionable Content Marketing Strategy

How to Make Your Content Marketing Impossible to Copy

How to Use Social Listening to Create Viral Content

A Useful Framework To Produce Great Content, Every Time

Should You Outsource Content Marketing?

Is Your Content Marketing Profitable? Here Are 22 Metrics

3 Content Creation Strategies That Will Help You Prosper

How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing

This is Your Brain on Visualization

5 Simple Strategies For Monetizing Your Content

How to Plan Your Content for Maximum Productivity


Posted: 24 Apr 2019 02:32 PM PDT

Fundamentally, you need to make money, or you don’t have a business.

That’s actually the only true failure in business. No matter what happens, don’t run out of money.

Every other mistake can be fixed.

As simple as that sounds, there’s a reason why you can find over 90,000 business books on Amazon.

Most of what we focus on here at Quick Sprout, is helping you grow your business and make money with digital marketing. This section covers more of the general business advice and expertise that we’ve compiled over the years. Everything from how to start a business to how to control your emotions.

Regardless of your experience or role in business, there’s something here for you.


Looking back on previous businesses and jobs that we’ve had, the biggest failures all stem from the same lesson.

Get the fundamentals right and you can mess up just about everything else. Get the fundamentals wrong and it doesn’t really matter what you do.

Have you heard the business saying “a rising tide floats all boats”? That saying refers to this exact lesson. Pick the right tide and everything works out. Pick the wrong one and you won’t get very far.

Sounds obvious in theory but it takes a lot of experience and hard-won lessons to spot the subtle differences between a business with healthy fundamentals and a business that’s rotten to the core.

Instead of learning these lessons the hard way yourself, learn from our mistakes. The following guides will show you everything you need to build a healthy foundation for your business:

How to manipulate the law of supply and demand

101 Motivational Business Quotes

7 Lessons Learned From Running a Consulting Company

11 Business Philosophies to Live and Die By

What I Learned from Fighting a 12-Month-Long Lawsuit

16 Tips for Naming Your Startup

How a 23 year old turned $1500 into $128,000 in 1 year

Why Most Business Partnerships Don’t Work

Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Entities

Do Business Like A Drug Dealer

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Write Business Plans

How to Create a Company That Can Run without You

How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks

7 Business Principles That You Have to Follow

How to Analyze Your Competition in Less Than 60 Seconds

7 Lessons Learned From Losing $739,135 In Bad Investments

Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Startup Company

Exercises That Will Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

Charge More for Your Products by Enhancing Perceived Value

How to Monitor Your Competitors With These 10 Helpful Tools

How a 21 Year-Old Created a 38.5 Million Dollar Business

8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

5 Ways Metrics Can Cause Bad Decisions

How Spending $138,491.42 on Meals Made Me $992,000

53 Ways to Become a Better Entrepreneur

59 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

10 Timeless Business Tips From 10 Millionaires

Provide Better Customer Service by Implementing Live Chat

How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Me $692,500

How to Increase Profits by Analyzing Your Competition

How to Increase Revenue Without Acquiring New Customers

9 Ways to Get Your Startup Funded

How to Identify the Target Market of Your Startup

Generate More Profits by Focusing on Your Pricing Strategy

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Startup

Keep Your Employees Happy While Pushing Them to Their Limits

How to Turn a Failed Startup Launch into a Success Story

How to Write a Great Value Proposition

Business Card Ideas To Help You Stand Out


A great brand is like having a business super power. Everything gets easier.

Every step of your funnel has a higher conversion rate, you get more traffic, customers stick with you longer, and it’s easier to recruit people to your team. A brand is one of the few aspects of business that impacts everything at once.

Brands don’t just happen though, they need to be built deliberately. Then once you have a brand, you need to protect it.

These guides will show you exactly how to build a brand for your business:

How to Get Your Customers to Recommend Your Brand to Others

6 Branding Approaches You Won’t Learn in Business School

How to Increase Your Brand Exposure with Public Relations

How to Connect With Your Customers

How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business

The A to Z Guide on Creating a Memorable Brand

Manage Customer Testimonials For Brand Credibility

How to Improve Your Customer Service By Getting Feedback

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Authenticity and Transparency

Personal Brand

Personal brands, like business brands, have an enormous impact on your success.

But the execution is a bit different for a personal brand. Some things matter much less (like logos) while other things matter a LOT more (like your wardrobe). We break down all the unique aspects of building a personal brand here:

How To Create Your Personal Brand Vision

How To Connect With Mentors To Build Your Personal Brand

Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken

How To Build Your Brand Through Outreach

How To Define Your Target Audience

How To Build Up Your Online And Offline Assets

How To Get Free Press Coverage For Your Personal Brand

How To Monitor Your Personal Brand

The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

What Effect Does Swearing Have on Your Brand?

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Why You Should Dress to Impress – The ROI of Fashion

How to Become the World’s #1 Expert in Your Niche

Personal Brand Building Hacks That Will Earn More Customers

How to Launch Your Personal Brand if You Have No Credibility

7 Ways to Use Your Personal Brand to Find More Clients

The Marketer’s Checklist for Establishing a Personal Brand

Build a Million Dollar Business From Your Personal Brand

15 Things You Need in Place for Creating Your Personal Brand

How to Become the Person Everyone Wants to Interview

A Process to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

Daily Activities To Double the Size of Your Personal Brand

A Guide to Using Live Video to Build Your Personal Brand


We’ve worked with a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs and hired hundreds of people in our careers.

Do you want to know what separates those that succeed versus those that flounder for years on end?

It’s mindset.

Even if there’s an unlucky setback in the beginning, the folks with the right mindset always make it eventually. Sooner or later, they achieve their goals.

But no amount of luck can overcome a poor mindset. Year after year goes by and these folks are still struggling with the same problems, never growing into their true potential.

Any improvement that you put into your own mindset will have an immense impact on your goals.

Why Being the Loudest Makes You the Weakest

Why I’ll Never Live in a Rich Neighborhood…

How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Play the man, not the odds

Why Immigrants Are More Successful than You!

What Should You Do if Someone Attacks You Online?

6 Reasons You Won’t Succeed

Why Successful People Are Douchebags

The 10 People Who Led Me to Success

A day in the life of Neil Patel

How to Be a Workaholic And Not Get Burned Out

Tony Soprano’s Top 11 Tips for Success

How to Control Your Emotions

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

15 Little Life Experiments That Will Change Your Life

11 Rules to Work By

The Two Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Over $100K a Year

10 Efficient Ways to Save Time So You Can Follow Your Dreams

The Less You Know, The More Money You’ll Make

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful


Whether we’re entrepreneurs or working for someone else, it’s up to us to take control of our careers.

There are reliable steps that anyone can take in order to have an amazing career. Focusing on the right areas, building a network, and attending conferences without wasting time will push you way ahead of your peers.

These guides walk you through all of it:

You’re the Reason Why You Don’t Have a Job

Focus on what you’re good at, and nothing else!

Why Consulting Is A Job Everyone Needs To Experience

Got Screwed? Think twice before burning the bridge!

Conferences can be a waste of time, they can also instantly uplevel your career. If you’re going to do them, do them right:

Beginner’s Guide to Attending Conferences

Is It Worth Speaking at Conferences?

How to Speak in Public… Even If You Hate Public Speaking

Also focus on building your network, it’ll increase the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way:

How I Got to Know Over 100 Millionaires and How You Can Too

The 10 Secrets That Make Networking Easy, Fun and Effective

How to Build Influential Relationships

The Real Secret to Successful Networking


The old saying that everything depends on sales may be a cliche but it’s true. Everything we do in our business is fundamentally a sales activity.

Sell your co-founder on a strategy that you want to pursue, sell your team to get behind it, sell a potential partner on co-promoting a marketing campaign, sell someone on joining your team, sell you boss on how you want to accomplish a goal, sell a teammate on helping you with your project, sell a customer.

Some of the selling is a monetary sale, a lot of it isn’t.

No matter what role you have, sharpening your sales skills will accelerate your business and career.

7 Common Sales Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

10 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Implement a Customer Referral Program That Drives Sales

How to Upsell to Your Customers

The Startup Guide to Building a Killer Sales Team

7 Ways to Gain Lifelong Customers after Making a Sale

Sales 101: Change their mood, not their mind

How to Leverage Your Brand’s Story to Drive Sales

A Guide to Winning (Almost) Every Single Negotiation

How to Generate Sales for a New Product Release

6 Effective Ways to Become a Better Sales Person

Case Study: How I Used a Case Study to Grow My Sales by 185%

8 Psychological Principles That’ll Double Your Sales

What Interviewing 31 Sales People Taught Me About “Sales”

How to Guide People’s Emotions to Drive Sales

Want to be successful? Learn how to sell!

Generate Recurring Sales by Implementing Subscriptions

Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

Increase Sales by Implementing a Customer Loyalty Program

Increase Profits by Focusing on Customer Retention Strategies

How to Increase Sales by Mastering the Art of Storytelling

How to Boost Sales by Accommodating the Needs of Mobile Users

Increase Sales by Personalizing the Customer Experience


Posted: 24 Apr 2019 12:00 PM PDT

Google is still the place to find answers to questions.

Search engines have changed over the years, and the barrier to entry has gotten a lot higher. When we started, all it took was a ton of content in order to get search traffic.

The game has changed.

Not only do you need a ton of content, it needs to be incredibly high quality, your on-site SEO and architecture needs to be polished, and you need enough backlinks to compete. You really do need all of it.

But the rewards are still well-worth the effort.

Across all the sites that we’ve built and managed, no traffic source compares to SEO in quality, consistency, and volume. Once you have it, it’s a persistent flood of traffic for your business.

Our playbook is below.


We always start with an audit on every site we touch. Whenever we skip this step, we always regret it later. The last thing you want is to spin up an entire SEO program, poor a ton of time and money into it, and then lose a bunch of rankings later because of core site problems.

Complete your site audit first so there aren’t any problems lurking just out of sight.

How to Score Your Website’s SEO in 10 Minutes or Less

How To Perform an SEO Audit – FREE $5000 Template Included


Next, go through the foundational elements of SEO.

You’ll find a lot of SEO “experts” claiming quick hacks or tricks to get higher rankings. Be careful with that stuff. It might work today but it seldom works for long.

Whenever starting an SEO program, we spend the bulk of our time focusing on the foundations.

The Proven Method to Ranking on the First Page of Google For Any Long-tail Keyword

The Secret to Learning SEO

SEO vs. PPC: Which Should You Focus on First?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dominating Any Keyword You Choose

The Psychology of Search Engine Optimization: 10 Things You Need to Know

How to Get Search Traffic from Google’s Knowledge Graph

How Google Works

Ways To Improve SEO Rankings in 2019

What SEO Used to Be Versus What SEO Is Now

How to Get Extra Organic Search Traffic with Google’s “Related Questions”

How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

Quantify Your Results: The 14 Most Important SEO Metrics

10 Ways to Get More Traffic, Attention and Higher Rankings Through Social Sharing

5 Practical Steps To Improving Your Website’s Domain Authority

Augmented Reality SEO: What to Expect in the Future

How to Gain More Branded Search Volume to Your Website

A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting a Content Audit

The Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Any Google Penalty

Don’t Get Fooled: 17 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings

The Complete Guide to Keyword Research For SEO

How To Structure The Perfect Search Engine Optimized Page

How to Avoid a Google Penalty in 2019

What Matters To Google: Ranking Factors in 2019

A Guide For SEO’s In The Agency World

SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

How to Build An SEO Plan From Scratch

Definitely read up on the best SEO tools, these will save you countless hours and instantly uplevel your SEO game:

The Ultimate Guide to Using Google Search Console as a Powerful SEO Tool

28 Browser Extensions That Make an SEO’s Life Easier

The Best SEO Tools the Pros Really Use in 2019

WordPress SEO – Everything You Need To Know


No matter how good your content is, sooner or later, you’re going to need to build links.

Links turn an “okay” SEO strategy into an “industry dominating” SEO strategy. All the most hardcore SEO teams have a very deliberate and focused effort on link building.

Once you’ve mastered the basics and have a healthy site, it’s time to start link building.

A Step by Step Guide to Modern Broken Link Building

The Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing for Bing Search

A Thirty-Day Plan for Gaining 100 Authoritative and Relevant Backlinks to Your New Website

7 Reasons Your Outreach Emails Aren’t Getting Responses and How to Fix That

How to Combine PR with SEO for the Biggest Success

Why Link Building Is NOT the Future of SEO

4 Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Link Building

7 Ways to Make Your Brand and Content More Likable

How I Built 826 Backlinks to a Single Article in 8 Weeks

How to Create a Link-Building Strategy from Scratch

How to Leverage Link Blending and Stage 2 Link Building to Maximize Your Rankings

Here’s the Process to Help You Consistently Build 7 Backlinks a Week

7 Link Building Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

What Is a “Good Link Profile” and How Do You Get One?

The Link Builder’s Guide to Email Outreach

How Many Links Should You Build to Your Website?

The Ultimate Guide to Content Link Building

7 Lessons Learned from Publishing 300 Guest Posts

Why And How To Build an Online Brand Through Guest Blogging

.Edu and .Gov Link Building Guide

Submission Backlinks Guide

Advanced ScrapeBox Link Building Guide

Grey Hat Link Building Guide

The Guide to Link Building Techniques

A Guide to Turning Images Into Links

The Quest For The Perfect Link

Relationship-Based Link Building Guide

A New Era of Link Building

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting in 2019

How to Get Backlinks: The Complete Guide

Types of Content That Attract The Most Backlinks


Lastly, you’ll want to get your onsite and technical SEO in tip-top shape. Most of these items are smaller details but they can make the difference when pursuing those last few rankings.

After you’re on top of all the other parts of SEO, work through all the technical details. That’ll keep you ahead of your competitors and give you that extra edge.

You Can Use 404s to Boost Your SEO. Here’s How.

Here’s How to Perfectly Optimize Your Infographic for SEO

How to Create an SEO Friendly Infinite Scrolling Page

Does URL Structure Even Matter? A Data Driven Answer

How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

How to Retain at Least 95% of Your Organic Traffic After a Site Redesign

Demystifying SEO: How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

4 Steps to Making Your Search Listings Stand Out on Google

The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Post

The Beginner’s Guide to Technical SEO

Paid Marketing

Posted: 24 Apr 2019 09:45 AM PDT

There is possibly nothing else in marketing more magical than getting a paid marketing funnel to work.

Think about it.

You put $1 in and you get $2 out.

At that point, you’re printing money for your business, getting bigger with every cycle of your paid marketing.

Now the bad news, paid marketing is really difficult to make work. There’s a lot of serious players that are all trying to convert the same prospects. So ads get bid up quickly. It’s still possible to win but you want to take paid marketing seriously.

First, go through our guide on PPC. That’ll give you a really strong foundation so you can compete with the paid marketing pros.

Once you’re ready to go through some of the core tactics for paid marketing, read through our post 7 Ways to Get High Quality Paid Traffic with Rock-Bottom CPCs.

For B2B marketers, definite go through our post on How to Generate Leads with PPC Campaigns for Your B2B Company. I’ve run B2B and B2C paid marketing campaigns and while there is a lot of overlap, there’s also some key differences that B2B companies need to watch out for.

These guides will also be helpful when learning the basics:

Google Ads

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords) should be part of every ad budget. The best part of AdWords is that as long as there’s a few keywords that people use to find your product or service, it’s really easy to get in front of your ideal prospects. Since they’re searching for those keywords, they’re already aware of the problem and have decided to take some action to solve it by looking for solutions. Those are the prospects that you want to be in front of.

For a small business, hopefully your niche isn’t too competitive. That means you’ll probably be able to run ads on Google Ads that aren’t too expensive. If you’re going after a really large market, keep in mind that other businesses have most likely bid up the ad placements really high. It could take some time before you’re able to compete with them directly on Google Ads.

We have a number of guides on different parts of Google Ads to help get you up to speed:


Heya this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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