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It is important to know how easy it is to do:

  • There is NO cooking involved, only the perfect combination of gluten-free food ready to be served so you do not have to starve.
  • NO counting anything, just follow the directions and have fun with our PRIVATE GROUP on Facebook called 5-Day Regenerative Reset Program.
  • It is only 5-Days, and you receive all the benefits of a full on fast without the struggle like a water fast.

Dr. Christi will be joining you on this longevity diet–which is backed up with decades of research–here’s more information.

I’ve been fascinated with fasting and intermittent fasting–especially for women and up until recently, there haven’t been a lot of studies to show how effective it is for women.

Fasting has been used since ancient times to help heal from disease, improve digestion, promote better sleep, boost mental clarity and energy.

New studies are emerging and showing that IF (intermittent fasting) is a game changer for women in the weight loss department because it not only helps you to lose weight, it helps you to establish a new set point weight. In other words, realign your metabolism to accept your new weight and keep you there.

Set point weight is the weight your body naturally wants to get back to–hence the reason most people gain the weight back that they lose–your body basically wants to get back to where it was–even if you don’t, your body is all about getting you back there.


Eliminate 5 Pounds in 5 Days!

Is it time to bust through the set point weight frustration?

IF methods can really change things up–studies show this to be true AND that it can be more effective that calorie restriction or other weight loss methods. IF is all about the timing and the “window” that you eat and the window that you don’t eat.

There are several other methods people try–but before they do, it is important to check with your healthcare provider. Some people should not do a full on fast, like a water fast, due to health issues, medications or both.

We are celebrating an new effective 5-Day Mimic Fast Diet option where you receive all the good benefits of the fasting process but with food so you do not starve. This allows more people to consider doing this fast when normally they may not be able to as a resolute of their health situation. Join our GROUP 5-Day Mimic Fast Diet and get your questions answered.

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There are tons of myths out there about fasting. Let debunk three right now:

1. Fasting puts you in starvation mode. FALSE–fasting uses up your glucose first, then feasts on your fat–not your muscle. Fat is more readily available and easy for your body to use once you’ve used up the glycogen (made from glucose) stored in your liver. Fasting is not starving–it’s controlled by you. YOU decide when to start it and when to end it. And if you’re in touch with your body, you’ll know!

2. Fasting leads to muscle loss. Completely FALSE! Muscle is harder for your body to utilize, it goes for “easy” first–and that’s your fat. Fat is an alternative fuel for your body and not only works well, you get the benefit of more energy, clearer thinking and easy fat loss, especially belly fat!

3. Fasting is unhealthy. Not true at all! Fasting has been practiced by multiple religions and for health benefits for centuries. The science shows us that fasting improves insulin resistance, lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones that age you!), and increases growth hormone (makes you younger!), plus all of the other benefits in #2.

The only downside with other types of fasts is that it can have a tough road, especially longer periods of fasting time and I am talking about those fasts the exclude food altogether. You do get hungry and those cravings don’t magically disappear on their own.

However, this 5-Day Mimic Reset Diet is one of the easiest “challenges” I’ve ever done–just 5 days you receive measurable benefits, like, weight loss, a cellular reset and an opportunity to turn back the clock and turn on longevity! I’ve done it two times now; I am a devoted fan.

If you want some fast results (get it, fast?) you’ll want to check out and watch our short Webinar here.

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