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my relationship!

Have I told you about the long-term relationship I’m in?


Happy Weekend, Refactual!

Hey, have I told you about the long-term relationship I’m in?

I’m actually in a very loving relationship with Food 🙂

That’s right, me and Food.

But not just any “food” – I’m having a long-term love affair with Whole Foods that Work for My Body.


Like any great relationship, I make sure that we get to spend quality time together. I use kind, loving words about the Whole Foods I eat, and I thank them for nourishing my body.

And guess what Whole Foods do to show me their commitment to this relationship?

They fuel my cells so I have great energy to smash my workouts. They support my brain so I can focus and remember important details. They support the composition of my body – in how much muscle I can develop from exercising, and how efficiently I burn fat.


This relationship is really cute – I mean, I think about Whole Foods all the time: what we’re going to make in the kitchen together, when we’ll be spending time together next, and how lucky I feel to be able to have them in my life!

It took me a while to find this relationship, it’s true.

There was trial and error.

Along the way, I met some foods that seemed to be the “right” foods for me, but it turns out they weren’t really what they said they were! So infuriating.

For example, Fat-Free foods really wanted me to date them for a long time. They said really sexy things like “hey, we’re actually diet foods and we’ll help you lose weight because we are fat free!”

But they were lying!

Even though they didn’t have any fat, they had loads of extra sugar added to them to make them actually palatable (like so you could even stand to be around them for 5 minutes) and they made my blood sugar spike so high after I ate them that I actually GAINED FAT. Jerks.

Or what about the time I was stuck in a bad relationship with Sugar-Free Foods! They didn’t have the sugar I recognized, instead they had fake sugar that my body couldn’t digest – and they were loaded with sodium. Another clever ploy to make it so I could stand being around them for 5 minutes.

I dated Sugar-Free Foods’ cousin Low-Carb Foods for a while, and I even had an on-again, off-again thing going on with Frozen Diet Foods that I’m embarrassed to admit.

It’s safe to say that I had a lot of bad relationships based on good intentions when it came to food.

And what all those bad relationships had in common that got me to date them in the first place was that they were all about things I was afraid of.

….I was afraid of gaining fat

….I was afraid of not being able to lose the weight I kept gaining.

…..I was afraid of having bad skin.

…..I was afraid of not feeling good about myself

…I was afraid to take action because I didn’t trust myself.

And all of those Bad Food relationships actually made each of those things WORSE – but I got into them because there was a promise of those things getting better.

What I learned after years of doing things the hard way was that the most important relationship of all wasn’t the one I had with food.

It was the relationship I had with myself.

Once I started to care first and foremost about my health, and value myself for the person I am instead of being so worried about the way I looked, choosing healthy relationships became the only option.

And what I’ve found works the best for me are Whole, Real Foods that work with my body – not against it.


Fitting Whole Foods into my life in a way that’s flexible, sustainable and supports a LIFESTYLE that’s enjoyable has been the study of many years – and it culminated in a system that anyone can successfully use.

I call it the “Body Fuel System” because at its purest form, Whole Food is fuel for the energy system of the body, and a system that puts it together so it’s easy for us to do is essential to making it work for your life.


You can be in a healthy relationship with Whole Food, too – and it doesn’t matter how many other bad relationships you’ve had before, or why you were in them.

Whole Food is very healing.

Maybe you’re already IN a relationship with Whole Food but you’re looking for a way to make your life together work more seamlessly.

That’s why I have a SYSTEM for you.

Inside the Body Fuel System, you’ll not only have the information you need to cut through all the confusion and enjoy 95+ Whole Food recipes for breakfast, smoothies, sides and entrees – PLUS a 6-week done for you meal plan to use as a guide.



I made it for me, for my family and friends, for my clients and most importantly for YOU.

I look forward to seeing you in your healthy relationship with Whole Food in this program – here’s to YOU, Refactual and your health, long life and happiness!

Here’s where you can get instant access to the Body Fuel System and all of the bonuses!


-Betty Rocker

PS – My system has a risk-free guarantee. If it’s not a good fit for you, you can return it within 60 days and get your money back, no questions asked!

Grab your Body Fuel System right here!



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