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Saturday’s Headlines: U.S. economy draws comparisons with the ’90s, but with caveats

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U.S. economy draws comparisons with the ’90s, but with caveats
Strong growth blew past expectations in the first quarter of this year, but this economy has two major differences with the record boom at the end of the 20th century: more inequality and less readiness for a downturn.
Trump to Congress: See you in court
After a lifetime of legal action, the president is counting on “my judges” to defend him against an array of threats, from subpoenas to impeachment.
‘I can land the plane’: How Rod Rosenstein tried to mollify Trump, protect Mueller and save his job
The deputy attorney general has walked a political tightrope between an often angry president and critics who say his actions have been too protective of the White House.
A remote Sri Lankan enclave recoils after producing the mastermind of a massacre
In the seaside town of Kattankudy, Zahran Hashim founded an extremist group that brought him into conflict with members of his own family and the larger community — a conflict that ultimately pushed him into hiding, where his views grew more radical and violent.
Sri Lanka’s president says intelligence lapse allowed Easter bombings to take place
He vowed that “every household in the country will be checked” to find suspects.
Joe Biden, the master of not quite getting it
It would have been so much better if, rather than pointing out that times were different, the candidate would apologize for not using the Anita Hill hearing to promote a better understanding of the extent of harassment.
Biden was in charge of the Anita Hill hearing. Even he says it wasn’t fair.
Hill, who testified against Clarence Thomas, compared the 1991 hearing to a “trial that lacked all of the protections of a trial.”
Trump and Biden spar over their vigor in one of the first direct faceoffs of the 2020 race
“I’m a young, vibrant man,” the 72-year-old president said in an attempt to draw a contrast with “Sleepy Joe.”
We shall overcome Trump. We have survived worse.
Nonprofits shouldn’t be so quick to reject funds from tainted donors
Student debt vs. the politics of resentment
Five myths about federal debt
D.C. must do more to protect its youth. Breon Austin’s death proves that.
There’s actually some good news about Social Security
More News
NRA chief Wayne LaPierre claims he’s being extorted by Oliver North. He’s standing his ground.
LaPierre said he refused to comply with the threat, adding that he was “alarmed and disgusted” by the situation.
Trump renews vow to repeal Affordable Care Act weeks after GOP leaders urge caution on the issue
President Trump’s promise came as Sen. Charles E. Grassley said at a meeting with constituents that Congress would not repeal President Barack Obama’s signature law.
Poll: Majority in U.S. opposes impeaching Trump but believes he lied to the public
A Post-ABC poll finds agreement across partisan lines that the Mueller report was fair — but there is a partisan divide over what it concluded.
The 24 films everyone will be talking about this summer
Popcorn-movie season kicks into high gear this weekend with the release of “Avengers: Endgame.” Here’s our guide to the rest of the season’s most anticipated movies.
Reliable Source
How the White House correspondents’ dinner lost its sense of humor
Can’t anybody take a joke anymore? When it comes to the annual media dinner, the answer seems to be no.
Hundreds at two L.A. universities — more than 650 at one school alone — quarantined amid measles scare
UCLA and California State University at Los Angeles said hundreds of students were exposed to people infected with the disease earlier this month.
NFL Draft | Live Analysis
Josh Rosen traded to Miami; Broncos take Drew Lock
The second and third rounds take place tonight in Nashville. Follow our live coverage for the latest updates and analysis.
Chiefs bar Tyreek Hill from team activities after audio recording surfaces
Local authorities have re-opened their investigation following the release of the recording, which includes a man and woman believed to be Hill and his fiancee discussing an incident that resulted in their son’s broken arm.
Post Reports | Listen Now
‘There are monsters in my room’: How a smart home security system failed
Reed Albergotti reports on how Nest, designed to keep intruders out, allowed access to hackers. Will Hobson discusses the ousting of the women’s basketball coach at UNC-Chapel Hill. And food critic Tom Sietsema makes a proportional plea.

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