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“you’re not doing enough” is NEVER the reason why….

Have you ever been SO frustrated that your body wasn’t changing, and felt like “you just weren’t doing enough?”


Hey Refactual,

Ok, so have you ever been SO frustrated that your body wasn’t changing, and felt like “you just weren’t doing enough?”

I have SO been there!

My big thing was always thinking I “wasn’t exercising enough” to get my body to change, because that’s what I thought really made the biggest impact.

I was doing 6-7 workouts a week, thinking “more was more.”

Trying to tell my body to change with only the language of exercise was like expecting wild rabbits to wiggle their tails on command (lol).


I was talking AT my body with all this exercise, expecting it to get healthier, when the language I needed to be speaking was NUTRITION.

My body was trying to tell me this all along by sending me messages I ignored, like cravings, skin breakouts and energy highs and lows. It was hungry for the nutrients it needed, and I was not listening.

Until I created the system I use now, I struggled with everything about my body, just like Sarah…


Not only did Sarah kick her cravings to the curb, her body communicated other positive changes like improved sleep, more motivation and better attention and focus.

(here’s where you can get the Body Fuel System and start off May strong btw)

But what if you’re not trying to “beat cravings” or lose weight, and instead are looking to tone up and get stronger?

Coach Erin found that the simple eating style options in the system made her busy life as a single mom so much easier and gave her even more muscle tone – something that she actually talks about in the video on this page.


Here’s the bottom line: we don’t need another diet. We don’t need another “quick fix.”

We need to know how things work so we can make informed, healthy choices for a lifetime of success.

That’s why I created the “Body Fuel System” because your body itself is a system.

We want to feed it with a system that can flex and shift with our dynamic life, not force it into a set of rules, starve it, beat it into submission, expect it to perform on not enough water, sleep, nourishment or love.

There’s no time like the present, Refactual and starting now, you can make this system your own.

So here’s what I’ve got inside for you….

  • Complete Healthy Eating GUIDE – my SYSTEM to help you make this ALL MAKE SENSE and serve you for a LIFETIME of success – with or without this plan

  • 98 gluten and dairy free WHOLE FOOD Recipes (includes Vegetarian recipes)
  • Food prepping and planning steps for 3 different types of weeks you may have:
    Batch Prep: for when you want to make a lot at one time
    – Minimal: for beginners or when you are super short on time and need shortcuts
    Hybrid: for those weeks when you want a little prep to save time, but also the flexibility to do some things on the fly
  • 6 WEEKS of done for you, daily menus that you can mix up and use as a template or follow
  • Food swaps and substitutions guide – to help you change it up!

Here’s where you can grab this awesome system for yourself, Refactual!


Let’s use this Spring season that’s in front of us with May fast approaching to make some real, lasting changes for our health.

Let’s set an example for the people around us, and talk to our body with the language it most understands: whole, real food.

Let’s do this together.

Join me here with the Body Fuel System.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you, and hearing all about your insights and success!

To your health,

-Betty Rocker

PS – My system has a risk-free guarantee. If it’s not a good fit for you, you can return it within 60 days and get your money back, no questions asked!

Grab your Body Fuel System right here!

I just wanted to email you to say thank you again….I’ve been eating clean and training well and not depriving myself and I legit see my six packs coming in! And some of my jeans fit!!I have a lot to thank you for. I make your shakes and your other dishes and I’m happy with what I put in my mouth because it shows on my body.

-Dalida I.




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