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4 Free Ways I Get Quality Website Traffic

 Anyone marketing online knows the importance of website 
traffic. Without it, we can’t build a list or make sales!
There area several ways to generate traffic to your website
bu here are a few easy methods to get free traffic…
1) Video marketing. 
Youtube in particular is super powerful!
Do your keyword research, and create short videos,
upload to Youtube and you get views and clicks
over to your website. This guide will give you
the step by step method…
2) Make blogs on and lenses 
on Also try
You can use your articles that you wrote and submitted to 
the directories on these sites too but you might want to 
rewrite them so they are original. 
Make sure you cleverly place links to your website or 
affiliate link on the page so people can visit your site. 
Don’t be spammy about promoting a certain site..provide good
information so you don’t get banned
3) Free advertising sites. 
If you’ve got a "make money" website then there 
are a ton of free places to advertise..
Get a free account at 
It’s free to join and it works!
4) Viral traffic is the next best traffic generator
especially if you’re lazy like me. With viral traffic, 
other people do the work for you to get you traffic.
Get a free account at
Let other people build your list for you.
You’ll be seeing great results in no time with these
Have a great day,
Stuart Stirling
PS- Many more tips and strategies to help you in the
next couple of days!

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