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DealBook Briefing: Capitalists Fear a Socialist Revolt, Wheels: Distracted by Tech While Driving? The Answer..

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The New York Times » Business Day Remove
1 hour ago · At the Milken Institute’s annual global conference this week, business leaders shared a concern: a coming backlash against capitalism. Read More →

By PAUL STENQUIST, 1 hour ago · The most effective safety features may be the systems that are laying the foundation for the autonomous cars of the future. Read More →

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By NATALIE KITROEFF, 4 hours ago · The factory, which makes the 787 Dreamliner, faces an unusually high level of oversight, a sign of Federal Aviation Administration concerns about the plant. Read More →

By KATY LEDERER, 4 hours ago · In this week’s column: Managing your manager, surviving a merger and getting back on the career path you deserve. Read More →

By EDUARDO PORTER, 4 hours ago · For people without a college degree, finding work that offers decent pay can be a challenge. The solution may require a change in scenery. Read More →

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Keep up with poetic blog from Read More →

The New York Times » Technology Remove
By CECILIA KANG, 9 hours ago · Talks include creating a new committee and an external assessor that would scrutinize how well the social network protects user data. Read More →

By REUTERS, 9 hours ago · Qualcomm’s forecasts suggested Apple’s licensing fees will not substantially increase revenue as Apple catches up on royalties. Read More →

By BRIAN X. CHEN, 15 hours ago · The tiny tags are typically used to find valuables like house keys, but they are far more versatile than that. Read More →

By SOPHIE HAIGNEY, 22 hours ago · The art fair introduces virtual reality so the curious can check out some works from afar. Read More →

By J. DAVID GOODMAN, 22 hours ago · J. David Goodman, a metro reporter, has chronicled the Google and Amazon invasions. But the most effective technology for reporting on the city is still coffee.. Read More →

The New York Times Remove
By JULIE TURKEWITZ, 28 mins ago · The moderate senator joins a Democratic field so crowded with candidates that it now includes six of his Senate colleagues and his former boss. Read More →

By MIRIAM JORDAN and JOSE A. DEL REAL, 28 mins ago · President Trump wants to discourage asylum claims, as immigration courts deal with a backlog of more than 800,000 cases. Here are four of them. Read More →

By JILL COWAN, 1 hour ago · Thursday: A college admissions scandal mystery is solved. Also: The Ghost Ship fire trial, and Yosemite waterfalls Read More →

1 hour ago · An interview with “Charged” author Emily Bazelon Read More →

By TRISH BENDIX, 2 hours ago · Attorney General William Barr’s Senate testimony was the talk of late night. (He probably shouldn’t have used the word “snitty.”) Read More →

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The New York Times » U.S. Remove
By NICHOLAS FANDOS, 29 mins ago · Attorney General William P. Barr pulled out of a Thursday House hearing, and he has left House lawmakers investigating the president fuming and calculating. Read More →

By JULIE TURKEWITZ, 29 mins ago · The moderate senator joins a Democratic field so crowded with candidates that it now includes six of his Senate colleagues and his former boss. Read More →

By MAGGIE ASTOR, 29 mins ago · Mr. Bennet, a moderate Democrat from Colorado, has been involved in bipartisan Senate compromises on immigration, education and other issues. Read More →

By JILL COWAN, 29 mins ago · Thursday: A college admissions scandal mystery is solved. Also: The Ghost Ship fire trial, and Yosemite waterfalls Read More →

By MEGAN SPECIA and ILIANA MAGRA, 2 hours ago · Via a video link from prison, the WikiLeaks founder said he did not wish to surrender himself to the U.S. authorities to face hacking charges. Read More →

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The New York Times » New York Remove
By COREY KILGANNON, 2 hours ago · The worst epidemic in at least two decades shows no sign of abating, despite persistent pleas from state officials to vaccinate. Read More →

By KAYA LATERMAN, 2 hours ago · Many routinely skip meals and take ‘poverty naps’ because they cannot afford groceries. Campus food pantries are helping, but are they enough? Read More →

By ASHLEY SOUTHALL and JAN RANSOM, 2 hours ago · The Legislature revamped a law that kept evidence from defendants. Prosecutors now must show their hands earlier. Read More →

By AMANDA HESS, 3 hours ago · From “Kiss Me, Kate” to “Tootsie,” shows old and new are working to reflect today’s gender politics. Women fare better, but what about the mediocre men? Read More →

By JESSE McKINLEY, 14 hours ago · Despite a growing measles outbreak in New York, a long-stalled bill to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccinations has not captured much momentum in Albany.. Read More →

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The New York Times » Science Remove
By JAN HOFFMAN and ABBY GOODNOUGH, 14 hours ago · The court filing, which goes beyond an earlier administration position, is expected to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Read More →

By CHRISTINE HAUSER, 17 hours ago · Investigators are trying to figure out why about 20 hives were set on fire, thrown in a pond and toppled over. Read More →

By ROBIN GEORGE ANDREWS, 19 hours ago · The object thought to have formed our lunar companion may have smashed into a baby Earth still covered in a fiery ocean. Read More →

By JOHN SCHWARTZ, 19 hours ago · A new study finds human-caused global warming has affected patterns of drought going back to the the turn of the 20th century. Read More →

By JOANNA KLEIN, 19 hours ago · A group of scientists have found unusual types of methane escaping from the deep earth in hundreds of locations. Read More →

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The New York Times » Travel Remove
By JUSTIN BERGMAN, 3 hours ago · How to spend a weekend in this coffee-sipping, culture-loving, boundary-pushing city in southern Australia. Read More →

By TARIRO MZEZEWA, 3 hours ago · With low-cost carriers collapsing on a seemingly regular basis, here’s what you should keep in mind when booking a flight. Read More →

By TARIRO MZEZEWA, 18 hours ago · The Encore Boston Harbor is massive, and a massive bet on gaming at a time when casino revenue has been fading. Read More →

By ALISON GREGOR, 23 hours ago · In the rustic southern region of Occitanie, investors can find more value and space than they’ll get in nearby Provence or the French Riviera. Read More →

The New York Times » Health Remove
By NICHOLAS BAKALAR, 26 mins ago · The more infections or hospitalizations a girl had, the more likely she was to develop anorexia, bulimia or another eating disorder. Read More →

By OLIVER BALCH, 26 mins ago · At just shy of 4,000 meters, my wheezing lungs and leaden legs remind me that I’m in foreign territory in every sense. Read More →

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