Hey Refactual 🙂

So I really hope you have enjoyed reading the Football Trading Success Plan that I sent to you yesterday! (If for some reason you never got it then click here to get it and start reading now!)
So as you may know, I have already taught hundreds of students who have passed through my Ultimate Football Trading course and I have seen lots of the main struggles many go through when starting out trading the betting exchanges.

So I guess I want to see what I could be able to help you with, so here is a quick question…

What is the main struggle you have with trading football on Betfair?
Is it discipline? Not having a good strategy? Not a big enough bank? Just not understanding the markets or something else? Maybe you have not even got started yet??!
I would love if you could tell me then I know how best to help you.
So if you have time then send me an email back telling me what you struggle with most when trading football on Betfair (Yes, I am a real person!)

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I will take all your comments on board and do my best to reply as soon as I can!

Also it is only fair that I share with you a little bit about my own story and journey. So tomorrow watch out for an email from me with the title “The day I invented football trading“. You might enjoy this 😉


It really wouldn’t surprise me if we have been through similar things in our journey into the Betfair trading world, so like I said, check out my email tomorrow as you might be able to relate to this. Remember, the subject line will read “The day I invented football trading”. Check your spam if you dont see it.