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We give it three days, would you give it one hour or two?

Hello Refactual,

This is going to be a short one as we are on the move towards a dream place we found on the Swedish West Coast and which became our visioning retreat spot. And this is precisely what my wife and I will do for the next three days.

We will disconnect from the day to day activity, and we will dive into visioning exercises meant to help us clear on where we want to be in five, ten and even twenty-five years from now.

I can tell you that for the last eight years, I took time to have a written purpose, vision and goal statement and wholeheartedly
, I can tell you that most things I wrote on my purpose and vision statement over the years have come to past in my life.

So, if we invest three whole days to work on our purpose, vision, and goals, wouldn’t this worth a thirty to forty-five minutes of your time on Monday at 8 pm?

Is not that we have nothing better to do this weekend with hectic schedules between launching the Become Your Best Version Lessons, putting together a one-of-a-kind leadership and personal development event in Gothenburg for October 11, and the coaching engagements we already have, but what we will do on the next three day has a disproportionate return on investment compared to any of the above.

If you don’t take time to reflect on where you’re heading towards and commit to writing your purpose and vision, then how on earth would you get where you want in life? Without a clear purpose, you’re getting nowhere. At best you’re just a busy fool.

Be smart and invest an hour or two in listening to the Purpose – Vision – Goals call we will post on Monday and become the designer of your life rather than the passenger. We’ll give you free access to the recording for just 48 hours. So register now.

Even if you don’t plan to attend the call on Monday, register here, and you’ll have access to the recording for up to 48 hours, and you can download the tailor-made workbook for the call.


PS: If for no other reason should you register on the online platform, do it for the extremely valuable Learning Model Timeline Exercise we’ve prepared for you as a bonus.
We all have learning models that we use for everything we do and we have both learning models of achievement as we have learning models of failure. This powerful exercise will help you understand yours.
Anytime in the past when you sat a goal for yourself and achieved it, you used a model. So this exercise is built in such a way so you can become aware of how you’ve been successful in the past and you can use that model again whenever you’re working towards a goal.

If that’s not worthy of your time investment, perhaps you’re in the wrong business, my friend. Once again, be smart and register now. Here is the link you need.

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