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Sunday’s Headlines: Biden’s strong debut puts pressure on others vying to challenge Trump

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Biden’s strong debut puts pressure on others vying to challenge Trump
The former vice president has benefited from the dynamic of the 2020 primary season: Democrats have put forth a diverse slate of candidates, generating excitement across the party. But no standout has emerged with staying power, creating the vacuum into which Joe Biden has slipped.
The Take: Is the notion of ‘electability’ the real measure that produces presidents?
Successful candidates, including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, defied early assumptions about electability. They all had something else.
‘Need more soldiers’: After failed uprising, Venezuela’s Guaidó says opposition overestimated military support
In an interview with The Washington Post, opposition leader Juan Guaidó left open the option of considering possible U.S. military intervention alongside Venezuelan forces.
After historic disqualification of first-place finisher, Country House wins Kentucky Derby
In a development unprecedented in the 145-year history of the Kentucky Derby, apparent winner Maximum Security was disqualified about 20 minutes after the race, leaving Country House as the second-longest shot ever to win the event, the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown.
Why were objections raised after Maximum Security’s finish?
“From my point of view,” trainer Tim Keefe said, “I saw something right away.”
Beijing’s one-child policy is gone. But many Chinese are still reluctant to have more.
China is facing problems associated with having too few young people. Despite the encouragement to have more children, most people now don’t want to expand their families. It all comes down to the economy.
‘Investigate the investigators’ is new Trump rallying cry to counter Mueller report
President Trump and his allies are seeking to amplify claims that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign. Dismissed by critics as an outlandish conspiracy theory, so-called “spygate” is becoming a central feature of his campaign.
Candidates used to boast about their experience. Now it’s a liability.
Want to build a far-right movement? Spain’s Vox party shows how.
The San Diego shooter’s manifesto is a modern form of an old lie about Jews
China’s high-tech repression threatens human freedom everywhere
The Green New Deal isn’t too big. It’s not nearly big enough.
Alcohol is everywhere on Tinder. Here’s how non-drinkers cope.
More News
Trump wants ‘toughness’ to deter migration, but physical measures keep failing
The immigration problem needs legal remedies, Homeland Security officials say. The president longs for something harsher, and has been musing lately about the kinds of tactics he thinks would really get results.
Death toll rises as Gaza militants fire rockets and Israel responds with airstrikes
The flare-up, the most severe in months, looked set to threaten Egyptian and international attempts to forge a long-term truce arrangement between Israel and Hamas.
Rachel Held Evans, progressive Christian author who challenged evangelicals, dies at 37
She had been in an induced coma after going into the hospital for an infection. In her work, Evans was known for being unafraid to wade into fierce theological battles over issues such as the role of women, science, LGBT issues and politics.
Kim Jong Un personally supervised rocket launcher test, North Korea says
The action is likely to raise tensions with Washington but not to break Pyongyang’s self-declared moratorium on ballistic missile tests.
A pregnant inmate came to term in jail. Lawyers say she was forced to give birth there — alone.
A woman with a history of mental illness gave birth in an isolated jail cell, the Broward County, Fla., public defender says.
Adam Sandler’s SNL monologue was a song all about being fired from SNL
The comedian returned to his roots while hosting the show for the first time.
Fashion is supposed to anticipate desires. So Prada offers the civility we’re missing.
The Prada resort show was full of easy shapes, eccentric prints and the designer’s version of calm.
Retropod | Podcast
The Sullivan brothers all served together in World War II. They died together, too.
Five brothers fought and died together on the same ship during World War II. Their final resting place was discovered in 2018.
The 10 books to read in May
From Harper Lee’s true-crime obsession to Julie Orringer’s long-awaited follow-up to “The Invisible Bridge.”
Would you confess your secret crush to Facebook?
What is this, high school? It’s like passing notes that say, “Do you like me? Circle yes, no, maybe.”
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these 5 flavorful dishes
Despite being associated with an excuse to drink and wear often offensive garb, we like to mark the holiday as an opportunity to enjoy classic Mexican foods.

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