Hey Refactual


Hope you are good!


So I casually mentioned it yesterday but today I am going to be a bit more blasé about it….


I am holding a F.REE WEBINAR and I want to invite YOU 😀


The title of this webinar is “How To Beat The Football Trading Markets On Betfair” and I want you to join me for 90 minutes (1 football match) of information that might just blow your brain.


In this webinar, I will be revealing:


  • The 3 Secrets I Discovered That Allowed My Football Trading To Go To The Next Level.

  • ​​Which Football Trading Myths Are False And Which Are True

  • The ​#1 Reason Most Football Traders Fail (And how to avoid it)

  • How To BEAT The Waiting List And Gain Access To The Premium Video Course, Ultimate Football Trading


I firmly believe that discovering these 3 secrets might be what you need to boost your own football trading profits.

Anyway, I am holding these sessions a few times per day for a short while and since it doesn’t cost anything you do not have much to lose. Even though, many have said this webinar is easily something that should cost hundreds to attend.

So book a time that is convenient to you, you should see some options for both today and tomorrow


Can’t wait to see you at the webinar you are going to love this!





This webinar invite is for you and you only so be sure to use the same email when registering to avoid problems.



Get a note pad at the ready, you won’t want to miss this, register now.