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Latest Articles from Gardening Know How for 05/08/2019

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Getting A Succulent To Flower: Why Won’t My Succulent Bloom

Most of us love our succulents just for the unusual and different types of foliage. Getting a succulent to flower is an additional bonus from this already wonderful plant. Yet, as proof that our thumb is really green, we may be concerned if there are no blooms on succulents. Learning how to make succulents bloom is somewhat different from getting blossoms on other plants. Let’s look at ways to encourage timely succulent flowering. Why Won’t My Succulent Bloom? Flowers usually appear on mature and properly located succulents. If you start new plants from leaves or cuttings, it might be five years or more before blooms appear. This time-frame is even longer for cactus, as some varieties don’t flower until the plant is 30 years old. If you know the name of your succulent or cactus, try searching for bloom information for the individual plant. Some experts say your succulents bloom

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Garden Stone Walls – How To Build A Stone Wall For Your Garden

A stone wall garden may offer privacy, delineate an area, serve as slope protection, act as a barrier, be used to create a spa setting or offer a combination of all these functions. The beauty of using garden stone walls is how they blend into the natural landscape and add a feeling of permanence. Interested in building a stone wall? Read on to learn how to build a stone wall and get some stone wall ideas. Stone Wall Ideas Really, stone wall garden ideas are only limited by your imagination. There are plenty of pictures on the internet to help get you started, and once you begin looking it may be difficult to settle on just one design. Garden stone walls may be made entirely out of stones or they can be a combination of stone and wood or even stone and metal. Stones may be purchased or, if you’re

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DIY Seed Tape – Can You Make Your Own Seed Tape

Seeds can be big as an egg, like avocado pits, or they can be very, very small, like lettuce. While it’s easy to get the hefty seeds spaced appropriately in the garden, smaller seeds don’t sow as easily. That’s where seed tape comes in handy. Seed tape makes it simple to space tiny seeds where you need them, and the great news is that you can make your own seed tape. For a seed-tape how to, read on. Making Seed Tape You like elbow room, don’t you? Well, plants also like to have plenty of space to grow. If you sow them too close, it can be hard to space them out later. And if they grow in tight, none of them will thrive. Proper spacing is not a big deal with big seeds, like sunflower seeds. That doesn’t mean that everyone takes the time to get it right, but

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Pickling Cucumber Varieties – How To Grow Cucumbers For Pickling

If you love pickles, you’ve noticed the varying pickling cucumber varieties. Some may be large and sliced lengthwise or in rounds and some are small and pickled whole. Pretty much any type of cucumber can be used for pickling, but true “pickling” cucumbers are different than heirlooms, slicers or Japanese cukes. So what is a pickling cucumber and how do you grow picklers? What is a Pickling Cucumber? Cucumbers for pickling refer to cucumbers that are used for processing or making pickles. This doesn’t mean they can’t be eaten fresh, but their thinner skins, crunchy texture and smaller seeds make them ideal for pickling. That and their small size which means there is little prep work involved. Pickling cucumbers are short with graduating hues of dark green at the stem to light green at the blossom end. Pickling Cucumber Varieties Cucumbers have tenacious tendrils that grasp onto fences or trellises

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