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Wednesday’s Headlines: As Trump seeks to run on the economy, trade war threatens to roil 2020 race

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Campaign 2020
As Trump seeks to run on the economy, trade war threatens to roil 2020 race
Trade has exposed a rift among the president’s allies — with some pushing for a quick resolution to calm the markets ahead of 2020, and others warning the president that a weak deal with China could leave him politically vulnerable.
Justice Dept. to ask Trump to invoke executive privilege over redacted Mueller materials
The move would all but assure that Attorney General William P. Barr will be held in contempt of Congress.
Some signers of obstruction letter air their views
The signers included some left-leaning lawyers, but also a significant number of career prosecutors and high-profile conservatives who bristle at the suggestion they were motivated by anti-Trump bias.
Senate inquiry of Trump and Russia will delve into election interference
The Intelligence Committee’s work is nonetheless expected to dovetail with the special counsel’s findings in some areas, namely a final verdict on the question of collusion.
Republicans rally behind Trump’s effort to block Democratic probes
In an escalating fight, the White House invoked executive power to prevent former counsel Donald McGahn from complying with a congressional subpoena.
Iran pulls back on nuclear pact, says it will stockpile excess uranium and heavy water
President Hassan Rouhani, in a speech that coincided with the first anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from the deal, gave the other signatories a 60-day deadline to reach new terms for the agreement.
The U.S. has slashed its refugee intake. Syrians fleeing war are most affected.
The number of Syrian refugees allowed into the United States in fiscal 2016 was 12,587. In fiscal 2018, the United States admitted 62. The drop is largely the result of the Trump administration slashing the total number of refugees allowed into the country each year and because of enhanced screenings for refugees from 11 countries, including Syria.
U.S. asylum screeners to change methods in bid to turn away more migrants, internal documents show
President Trump has described the asylum system as a “scam” allowing criminals into the country, and changes to initial screenings likely will make it more difficult to seek refuge in the United States.
A day after blocking House demand for Trump’s tax returns, Mnuchin addresses gathering of his top fundraisers
Treasury secretaries in recent years have avoided fundraiser events with people they could be tasked with regulating, in part because of their role in overseeing a broad swath of companies in the financial system.
Trump’s early financial losses were so steep that he did not pay income taxes for eight years, report says
The New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump reported $1.17 billion in financial losses to the IRS between 1985 and 1994, according to official IRS tax transcripts.
Trump’s latest regulatory rollback should horrify you
America is losing its memory
Trump has reached an inflection point in his presidency
No, Mitch McConnell, it isn’t ‘case closed’
Will Black voters help keep Joe Biden as the Democratic front-runner?
The Trump administration is in contempt of Congress
More News
18-year-old student dies, eight classmates injured in shooting at suburban Denver school
Two suspects, both students at the school, are in custody, according to officials. The Denver region has been on edge as the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre was memorialized.
Trump administration wants to allow debt collectors to text and email consumers as much as they want
This digital-first approach has alarmed consumer advocates who worry that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could give an industry known for high-pressure tactics a new way to violate consumers’ privacy.
Cohen claimed he killed racy photos for Jerry Falwell Jr. before the evangelical leader backed Trump
A statement released for the Liberty University president and his wife denied the allegation, saying President Trump’s longtime attorney “did not ever resolve any legal matter on their behalf.”
Fliers plan to avoid Boeing 737 Max jets for a year or more, survey shows
Barclays investment bank downgraded Boeing after a survey of 1,765 fliers pointed to diminished trust in the 737 Max following a pair of catastrophic crashes that killed 346 people.
Fact Checker | Analysis
Is Kushner right? Have Palestinians received ‘more aid than any group in history’?
For White House senior adviser Jared Kushner to claim Palestinians have received more aid than any group in history ignores the fact that Israel has received far more, year after year, just from the United States.
Disaster aid bill faces new obstacle as Trump administration pushes to add border funding
The administration’s effort has met resistance from lawmakers of both parties and led to even greater uncertainty over a path forward for the disaster bill, which includes billions for multiple U.S. states and territories.
Melania Trump marks the first anniversary of Be Best
The first lady’s initiative to combat cyberbullying will expand to tackle online safety issues as it enters year two, but confusion about the program remains.

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