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Capital Weather Gang: D.C.-area forecast: Warm and muggy with storms a risk later today, then cooler and wet this weekend

Capital Weather Gang
Daily forecast for the Washington area

D.C.-area forecast: Warm and muggy with storms a risk later today, then cooler and wet this weekend


6/10: In a positive spin 🤷 it’s a Friday when showers and storms shouldn’t produce TOO wet of a day. Even with a low severe storm threat (yay), we still need to monitor (boo).


Today: Partly to mostly cloudy. Showers, storms possible. Highs: mid-70s to about 80.

Tonight: Decreasing rain chances. Lows: mid- to upper 50s.

Saturday: Afternoon rain chances. Highs: near 60 to mid-60s.


Sunday: Periods of showers and rain. Highs: near 60 to low 60s.

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Showers and storms today keeps with our Friday streak of suboptimal weather going, but we may also add another rainy weekend to boot. Sunday and Sunday night may be close to a washout. Sorry, mom, it’s a stationary front setting up shop over our region, and it may encourage several waves of low pressure to ride along it.

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Today (Friday): At least a couple rounds of showers and storms are possible during the day. Our first round may move through in the morning, with a few storms and downpours possible, again, nearer evening rush hour. As of now, we expect storm strength to stay nearer “everyday” levels, but it’s worth monitoring as a cold front bears down on our area and adds extra “lift” to the atmosphere. Temperatures in the mid-70s to about 80 degrees are likely, but they will vary based on highly localized levels of cooling clouds vs. warmer sunshine. Noticeable southwesterly breezes near 15 mph develop by midday. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Thunderstorm chances dwindle with time, but toting a small umbrella plays it safe. You’ll probably want to look for the all-clear as well, as it tends to quiet down after a round of storms around here. Light southwesterly winds shift toward the northwest as the cold front comes through, giving us a breath of fresh air as muggy (well into the 60s) dew points get replaced by refreshing (around 50 degree) dew points around sunrise. Predawn mid- to upper 50s make it tempting to leave the windows open. Confidence: Medium


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Tomorrow (Saturday): We may see some early sunshine through substantial cloud cover, but rain chances rise during the afternoon. Nothing too heavy, perhaps, though pockets of showers or even a period of light but steady rain is possible before sunset. Mid-afternoon is when we may see temperatures peak in the mid-60s or so, ahead of rain chances rising yet another notch. North-northeast breezes are about 5 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: It turns clammy and even damper. Moderately heavy, steadier showers and rain coverage moves into the region. Rain amounts around a half-inch are possible. Northeasterly breezes may increase toward 10 mph. Temperatures only very slowly dip toward the mid-50s. Confidence: Medium-High

A rainbow hangs over downtown after storms May 10, 2018. (Jim Havard/Flickr)


Sunday: Periods of rain are probable for Mother’s Day. Showers, perhaps even a thunderstorm, may pester us all day but could be heaviest in the late afternoon. Temperatures may budge little, if at all, from sunrise — stuck in the 50s if rain stays steady and moderately heavy. But if we see rain breaks more than currently expected, low 60s might be possible. Stay tuned, but, yes, it could be a slight washout. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday night: Showers and periods of steady rain may lighten near sunrise. An inch is possible for much of the region from this rain event. Gardeners, are you happy? Any northeasterly breezes should slowly slacken as the night wears on, but clouds and clammy conditions hang tough, even if we see a couple breaks in the rain. With still-cool water temperatures on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the northeasterly fetch may keep us in the low to mid-50s. Confidence: Medium

Below-average temperatures continue Monday and Tuesday, but April-like mid-60s to near 70 degrees aren’t completely unpleasant, right? Showers and clouds can’t be ruled out at times, but a slow drying trend tries to move in. Dew points sinking into the 40s, indicative of drier air, help us escape that clammy feeling. Even if breezes subtract a couple degrees with “breeze chill,” at least there shouldn’t be a damp chill to the air. Slight forecast tweaks are possible as we get closer; stay tuned. Confidence: Medium


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