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Betty Rocker Q+A! And LAST CHANCE for Rock Your Life!

Hi Refactual!


Join me today for the JUICIEST, REALEST Q&A Chat, where I’ll share my back story, answer your top fitness, health and nutrition questions AND give you a look behind the scenes at Rock Your Life and the Challenge on Demand feature.


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Topics Covered:


  • Betty Rocker’s origin story – how did I become Betty Rocker?

  • What are the best moves for getting rid of body fat on specific parts of your body (arms, butt, thighs, stomach)?

  • All your questions answered about Challenge on Demand and Rock Your Life

  • My favorite Snacks, and what I eat for dessert

  • Is it ok to drink alcohol?

  • How do you cook successfully for a family?

  • Why do we get cravings?

  • How to feel good about the choices we make, stop beating yourself up mentally and feel CONFIDENT

  • The #1 thing I do every day?

  • How should I train with an injury or if I’m sick?


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-Betty Rocker

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