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Recipes! Asparagus stir-fry, Peter and Lisa Chang favorites, Mother’s Day picks and more



Are you the kind of cook or menu planner who shies away from Chinese recipes? If so and for whatever the reason, this week’s dishes from the Chang family could change all that. They are certainly some of the easiest and simplest restaurant recipes we’ve ever tested, and to my mind they are all 5-star.

They accompanied David Hagedorn’s revealing look at the women chefs and cooks in the Peter Chang empire. They loom large at Mama Chang in Fairfax City, as it happens, crowned by Tom Sietsema as No.1 in his Spring Dining Guide. Tom’s takeaway: They rock.

Re your week-ahead cooking: The immediate weather forecast directed me to pull a few #DinnerInMinutes options that offer comfort and wonderful one-pot aromas. The new stir-fry reminded me why ground turkey is sometimes the wiser choice over pork or beef.

Happy Sunday to all the mothers and motherly figures in our lives. The kitchen’s a pretty good place to begin that celebration, don’t you think?

—  Bonnie S. Benwick, Washington Post deputy Food editor/recipe editor

Dinner in Minutes
Ground Turkey, Asparagus and Basil Stir-Fry
READY IN 25 MINUTES | This pantry-friendly one-pan dish has a nice balance of sweet and heat, color and crunch.
Almost No-Stir Caramelized Carrot Risotto
READY IN 40 MINUTES | This is a healthful dish, with a subtle sweetness. Follow the link in the recipe for step-by-step photos, and you can’t miss.
Bacon-Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Caraway’d Cabbage and Apples
READY IN 40 MINUTES | With a weekend of gray skies ahead in Washington, it might feel right to get these aromas going in the kitchen. The cooking’s all done in one pan.
One-Pot Lentils and Vegetables
READY IN 40 MINUTES | This can be dinner one night and lunch the next day. The recipe became a #DinnerInMinutes favorite pretty quickly!
More Featured Recipes
Cornish Hens a l’Orange
MOTHER’S DAY | Here, the old-time flavor of duck a l’orange combines with ease of roasting Cornish hens in a recipe for entertaining.
Mary Berry’s Orange Tea Bread
MOTHER’S DAY | This is a simple fruit-studded tea bread with a tender crumb and lovely orange flavor.
Soy-Braised Beef With Potatoes
For this beef dish at Mama Chang, chefs Peter and Lisa Chang use skin-on baby potatoes because of their low starch content.
Black Pepper Sauce
This is chef Peter Chang’s “secret sauce,” used to enhance meat dishes.
Pan-Fried Tofu With Bean Sprouts
In China, this dish is a typically served at a child’s 100-day birthday celebration to represent the relationship between the mother and the newborn.
Inside-Out Tacos
HEALTHY | This recipe gives the hard-shell ground beef taco a fresh, healthful update by turning it inside out and using lettuce leaves in place of the shells and crunchy tortilla chips as one of the toppings.
Tomato and Egg Scramble
This simple stir-fry is often served over longevity noodles during the Lunar New Year celebration, but it can be served over steamed rice or other kind of noodles.
Zucchini, Pea and Spinach Salad
WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | Preserved lemon gives this salad a welcome dose of sharpness.
Celebrate every type of mom this Mother’s Day with these 7 special recipes
Moms are special, so we pulled some recipes you can make just for her.
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