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Saturday’s Headlines: McGahn refused White House request to say Trump did not obstruct justice

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McGahn refused White House request to say Trump did not obstruct justice
As President Trump’s attorneys prepared for the public release of the Mueller report, the White House sought for its former counsel to issue a statement making public what he told the special counsel’s team.
Trump’s tariffs, once described as negotiating tools, may be here to stay
President Trump has wielded his tariff club over washing machines, solar panels and industrial metals in a bid for new arrangements with China, Canada, Mexico and the European Union. None of the tariffs have been removed.
Analysis: There are three ways the U.S.-China trade war could end. Two would be bad for America.
The key question most Americans are asking is: How does this end?
Fears about gig economy send Uber tumbling in its first day of trading
The rocky beginning raises questions about whether companies losing billions of dollars a year will be sustainable.
Trump takes over national Fourth of July event and may insert himself into the program
The president’s starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation’s founding into another version of a campaign rally.
Valerie Jarrett, Gen. John F. Kelly and Jeff Sessions mingled in Vegas. Their host: Anthony Scaramucci.
“The Mooch,” as he became known, hosted officials from both the Obama and Trump administrations this week, including the former chief of staff who axed him. The A-list investment conference doubled as a political healing ground.
Trump is turning a good idea into a tricky way to hurt the poor
For Trump, Morning in America never seems to dawn
Just admit it! You don’t care about other species!
U.S. sanctions are strangling the effort to rebuild Old Aleppo
I used to think America would age out of racism. What was I thinking?
A female president is coming soon, just not in 2020
More News
Pakistan had all but eliminated polio. Then things went badly wrong.
In communities where vaccination efforts had long been underway, fear and suspicion emerged so viscerally and rapidly that a single rumor of vaccinated children falling sick in a school triggered panic and violence nationwide.
Trump says it would be ‘appropriate’ for him to talk to Barr about launching an investigation into Biden
The president told Politico he hadn’t considered an inquiry into his potential 2020 opponent — but he didn’t rule it out, either.
‘No attempted coup’: FBI’s former top lawyer defends Russia probe
Former top FBI lawyer James Baker told the Lawfare podcast that he “became sick of all the BS that is said about the origins of the investigation.”
House panel issues subpoenas to Treasury, IRS for Trump tax returns
House Ways and Means Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.) gave Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig until next Friday to turn over President Trump’s returns or face additional legal action.
Democrats ask federal watchdog to examine ‘unprecedented’ immigration backlog
Their letter to the GAO cites an unexplained slowdown in application processing and a backlog of more than 2 million cases.
Global pushback disrupts Amazon’s momentum as it tries to expand
Rule changes in India, along with antitrust probes in Europe, show policymakers are growing more skeptical about the competitive threat from the American e-commerce giant.
Inspired Life | Perspective
I found this letter from my mom after she died
It was one of the most shockingly bittersweet moments of my life.
NBA Playoffs | Analysis
Stephen Curry aced his moment of truth, propelling Warriors to West finals
With Kevin Durant sidelined, the plan had been for Curry to carry the offense, but the two-time MVP was held scoreless in the first half. He delivered in the second-half, scoring 33 points to lead Golden State to a 118-113 win.
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A battle in West Virginia: A coal mine versus crayfish.
Juliet Eilperin on the battle over coal mining in West Virginia. Sarah Kaplan on how scientists plan for a catastrophic asteroid strike. Plus, Caitlin Gibson on the weird psychology behind the baby-on-board sticker.

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