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Latest Articles from Gardening Know How for 05/12/2019

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The Latest Articles From
Gardening Know How

Summer Crisp Lettuce Info – Selecting And Growing Summer Crisp Lettuce

You can call it Summer Crisp, French crisp or Batavia, but these Summer Crisp lettuce plants are a lettuce lover’s best friend. Most lettuce grows best in cool weather, but Summer Crisp lettuce varieties tolerate summer heat. If you are looking for lettuce to grow next summer, read on. We’ll give you lots of Summer Crisp lettuce information, including tips for growing Summer Crisp lettuce in your garden. Summer Crisp Lettuce Info If you’ve ever eaten lettuce grown in too-hot weather, it’s likely you found it bitter tasting and even tough. That’s a good reason to put in Summer Crisp lettuce plants. These plants grow happily in summer heat. But they remain sweet, without any trace of bitterness. Summer Crisp lettuce varieties are a great meld of open lettuce and compact heads. They grow in loose, making it easy for you to harvest the outer leaves if you like, but

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Strawberry Chill Hours – What Are Strawberry Chilling Requirements

Many plants require a specific number of chilling hours to break dormancy and begin to grow and fruit again. Strawberries are no exception and chilling of strawberry plants is a common practice amongst commercial growers. The number of strawberry chill hours depends on whether the plants are being grown outside and then stored or are being forced in a greenhouse. The following article discusses the relationship between strawberries and cold, and the chilling requirements for strawberries. About Strawberry Chill Hours Strawberry chilling is important. If the plants don’t get enough chill hours, the flower buds may not open in the spring or they may open unevenly, resulting in a reduction in yield. The production of leaves may be delayed as well. The traditional definition of a chill hour is any hour under 45 F. (7 C.). That said, academics quibble over the actual temperature. In the case of chilling requirements

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Driftwood Garden Art: Tips On Using Driftwood In The Garden

While beautiful flowering plants are major focal points within any garden landscape, many growers find themselves looking to complete their yards with unique and interesting accent decorations. Some may opt for more expensive pieces, but budget savvy gardeners take joy from the collection of folk-art pieces – both equally fitting into the respective style of the garden. Whether garden décor is new, upcycled, or made from natural materials, there is no denying that it can add a sense of charm to these spaces. Driftwood, for example, has gained popularity in recent years just for this reason. How to Use Driftwood in the Garden Driftwood is an excellent material to use as garden décor for a wide variety of reasons. While the things to do with driftwood are limitless, using driftwood in the garden also allows for an organic and natural approach to decorating both large and small corners of the

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