Hey Refactual

So I am not sure if you have seen it but one of my most viewed videos on my Youtube channel is the one where I give some hints on how to trade the Under 2.5 Goals market on Betfair.

I was surprised by how popular the video became since when you have been trading football for as long as I have you start to assume everyone knows the same stuff as you and that is is all “common knowledge” by now.

But for anyone who asks me the secret behind being profitable on the Under 2.5 Goals market I always tell them this…

Go AGAINST the markets”

When the markets and every man and his dog thinks a match is going to be full of goals. This is usually a time when you will find value on the other side of the market.

Think about it this way…

The average football punter wants to put his money on something he wants to see.

And usually he wants to see goals.

Not many will then put their money on their not being many or any goals.

And this is what can create value on the other side of the market in certain situations.

And so in the video I talk about this and explain that when we pick the right matches we can get a fast odds steam on Under 2.5 Goals that allows us to get in and out of the market for a profit.

And even if you have seen the video before I really suggest checking out again…


There is a reason this is one of the most popular football trading videos on Youtube 😉

Enjoy (oh and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already!)




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