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Monday’s Headlines: Trump’s go-it-alone approach on trade and immigration poses economic risks

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Trump’s go-it-alone approach on trade and immigration poses economic risks
In an unbound phase made possible by the acquiescence of many Republicans, the president has taken risky moves to pull free from Congress, seeking to cast himself as a defiant chief executive willing to act alone, no matter the global repercussions.
House Republicans criticize Rep. Tlaib over remarks on Holocaust, Israel
Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) said it gave her a “calming feeling” to think of how her Palestinian ancestors suffered to create a safe haven for Jewish people. But Republicans called her remarks anti-Semitic.
Sweden reopens rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, wants extradition
Assange is also fighting a legal battle against extradition to the United States, where he is wanted for his part in the release of a trove of classified military and diplomatic cables.
‘Nothing prepares you for the wounds’: He’s the man the pope sends in when the Vatican faces a major sex-abuse scandal
Archbishop Charles Scicluna has become the Vatican’s emergency investigator — a priest-and-lawyer-turned-sex-crimes-specialist who is dispatched to scandal zones.
Rocks from the Apollo missions showed how the moon was made. Now they may solve more mysteries.
As Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary nears, NASA — having waited for the right scientists, with the right technologies, at the right time — decided to release three new samples for scientific analysis.
In a pivotal year, Danica Roem uses her spotlight to boost other Virginia Democrats
As this year’s Virginia elections could help set the stage for 2020, Republicans steer clear of attacks that could energize the supporters of Roem, the nation’s first openly transgender state lawmaker, who has raised nearly three times the average for freshman Democrats in the Virginia House.
‘Game of Thrones’ review: ‘The Bells’ toll for thee, Daenerys
If nominees don’t support ‘Brown,’ they don’t support the rule of law
The Senate has work to do. Why waste time subpoenaing Donald Trump Jr.?
Economists often don’t know what they’re talking about
Trump favors democracy’s enemies. A meeting Monday proves it.
The real reason Venezuela’s Maduro survives: Dirty money
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Cory Booker says toy guns are more regulated than real guns. Is he right?
The 2020 presidential hopeful veered off course when he compared regulatory oversight of guns and toy guns, spinning a nuanced point into misleading rhetoric in interviews and tweets.
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Kentucky Democrats try to argue they can win in ‘Trump Country’
Democrats in the state are eager to prove they can win again, but they’re hurtling toward a May 21 gubernatorial primary with three very different theories of recovery.
TV Review
‘Games of Thrones’ delivers the fire, brimstone in its penultimate episode
The episode started with (most of) us rooting for Daenerys to capture King’s Landing, and it somehow ended with us feeling sympathy for Cersei and seeing Daenerys do things that not even Cersei would have dreamed of.
Massachusetts man charged in fatal attack on Appalachian Trail hikers in Virginia
A man was killed and a woman suffered multiple stab wounds in the assault Saturday.
TV Review
In satisfying ‘Veep’ finale, Selina gets what she wanted — and the final indignity she deserved
The HBO comedy flashed forward to wrap up the stories of its soulless tribe of Washington politicos.
Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard slays Sixers with a rim-rattling buzzer-beater
Leonard’s last-second, series-clinching jumper lifted the Toronto Raptors past the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 and into the Eastern Conference finals.

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