Hey Refactual

So I often think that sometimes people over complicate football trading and over think a lot of stuff with it. This is where they go wrong with it.

I was the same for a long time.

Thinking that I needed a fancy spreadsheet, special software, expensive algorithm and an incredibly skilled mathematical brain to succeed.

I still don’t have any of those by the way 😀

But football trading is much more simple than something like financial trading which requires all of that.

And sometimes it is as simple as just backing the dominant team.

That is right, just backing the team that looks good and cashing out for a profit when they take the lead.

Simple stuff right?

Well, it is simple but not THAT simple which is why I made a video showing my football trading DOMINATION strategy in full.

This is the method that evolved into strategy 3 from Ultimate Football Trading (The ReBack Strategy) but even this early version of it is just as good.

You could watch this video and have an instant profitable football trading strategy to add to your portfolio right now.


Go check that out and thank me later 😀

Hope you have a profitable weekend using this method!




I am still holding several football trading webinars in the coming few days. These are free to attend, all you need to do is register and you will discover some BIG secrets about the football trading world.

Book your spot and I will see you there!