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#1 food to eat before bed for a flat belly

Today I’m going to reveal the most bizarre nighttime food tip ever.

And how I stumbled on this 1 weird food that torches belly fat…

…IF you eat it exactly 30 minutes before you go to bed at night.

My doctor eats this bedtime belly-burner and he is now slim and trim in his late 60s…

My grandmother uses my nighttime ‘belly-trimmer’ and she’s lost her belly flab at 92 years old…

My close friends Dan & Nicole used this “late night secret” to recently lose 73lbs together… in their mid-40s!

Here’s how it works:

You will set your alarm on your phone or watch to go off 30 minutes before going to bed…

…and then you’ll eat this ONE FOOD…

…and watch what happens to your belly fat

Oh, it works WONDERS on thigh fat, back fat, face fat, you name it…

Eat this #1 food before bed for a flat belly

Mike Westerdal 

Health Tip of The Day

Here’s 5 Ways to Help You Fall Asleep:

1. Make your room cool, clean, and quiet.
2. Use muscle and mental relaxing exercises to prepare your brain for sleep.
3. Five minutes before bed, turn on light music or white noise.
4. Fifteen minutes before going to bed, stretch out gently.
5. A half-hour before going to bed, take a bath or eat this #1 fat-burning food to start getting drowsy and begin fat-burning.

Eat this #1 food before bed for a flat belly
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