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Well that is that and another European domestic season is over (till August) and although I know there is still some pretty high profile football to come this month and also the International tournaments in June I always get this same strange feeling around this time of year and it actually happens every year.

And it is that feeling of less enthusiasm towards football generally and that seeps into the football trading side of things.

It starts slightly in April but when the Premier League season finishes I always experience this same of feeling that I am “glad its over”. Which is completely bizarre since I love every minute of it and as said above the football is not over yet.

But it was only in recent years that I realised what I was suffering from.

And it was BURN OUT!

Or at least the early signs of it.


My own trading starts to get a bit of a wobble and I find it “harder” than earlier in the season. I used to think it was because players aren’t trying as hard and it can make matches harder to read (which might play a part) but I do think my mind being exhausted plays a bigger part.

Burn out is a REAL thing and I know that there are many football traders out there who like to paint the picture of this glamorous lifestyle that trading football can give you I like to keep it real with you guys and tell you the stuff others won’t.

I mentioned this to some of my friends previously but they don’t see where I am coming from and they wonder how you can feel burn out when you are just sitting back “watching football all day”.

And when I say “burn out” I don’t mean to the point where I need to be sectioned off and put into rehab, just that I need 2-3 weeks total break from that particular sport and the markets to refresh mentally.

Trading football wall to wall over 9 months can take its toll on you and as I grow more experienced in this game I realise the importance of taking an extended mental break from it all some point in the year.

This year I think I have felt the burn out more than in recent years and I think that is because the World Cup finished so late in 2018 and I pretty much took no time off from it as July had a fair bit of action and then we were back into it by the first week of August.

So this year I am looking forward to July especially as I will be in a “no football and no football trading” zone in order to refresh my mind. I will aim to take a whole month out from it.

The best part about doing this is that when you DO return to the football markets, you feel SO ready to go.

You might be feeling a little “tired” of it all yourself but you see how you feel come August 😉

Anyway, you might be wondering what I do during this “break” and I am not totally away from the markets at all.

Actually, I double down and focus on my Tennis Trading instead. July in particular is always a really big month for me.

It usually gets to the point where I wonder if I should even return to trading football since tennis is often a lot less stressful to trade but, of course, once August rolls around it is hard to not return to the football!

Either way, I realised having a balance of 2 trading sports definitely helps with the “burn out” factor and I am sure I would feel burned out by tennis if it was my only trading sport.

I know many try to alternate with the horse racing to diversify their sports trading but if you have struggled with learning the horses (I never cracked that myself) then Tennis trading could be a good alternative.
The liquidity on tennis is growing and growing whereas other spots it is declining which tells you a lot!

If you want to learn MORE about Tennis Trading, then the information and videos on this page should be a BIG help for you, check it out > https://sportstradinglife.com/2019/02/how-to-trade-tennis/

Definitely worth learning how to trade tennis, could be a HUGELY rewarding skill to develop in the future.

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I am not looking for any sympathy with the burnout talk. I have been there and done it for years now so I know what to expect but it wouldn’t surprise me if some others are experiencing similar feelings especially this particular week with no premier league to look forward to 😉

Always good to raise awareness of these things.