Hey Refactual

Not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing legendary football trader Psychoff.

If you don’t know him, he is one of the heavyweights of the football trading world.

A man who regularly makes 5 figure profits per match and 5-6 figure profits per month which just shows all the potential of trading football on the betting exchanges.

Psychoff has always been quite secretive about his methods so it was quite enlightening to finally get him to agree to do an interview with me where I could really get the good stuff out of him!

So if you haven’t yet read the interview I am attaching the link here.


This is some seriously GOLD stuff to check out.

I am sure that many would be happy with just an extra 5k a month let alone 50k so it is great to be able to learn from his mindset and knowledge.

Some of this will really surprise you.

So go give that a read, you will love it 🙂






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