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[PPS Webinar] Starting Soon.. (your access info inside)



I wanted to make sure you saw this immediately.

We are live on the Partner Profit Strategies training in about 30 minutes, and today’s training is going to rock!

I need you to verify that your email address is registered for the event (that’s the only way you can attend) so please click the link below immediately.

Please verify your email address now

My guest trainer today is crushing it RIGHT NOW and I think you can do exactly what he’s doing. I’ve got him sharing the step by step strategy with you, but you must attend live.

Remember we are here to connect you with and help you build your network with some of the best of the best. Nobody else does this because nobody else can get people to come do free trainings quite like I can 🙂

… also don’t forget!

I’m going to start giving my PPS students some “FREE” things to help you jump start your success online – you can register for those free things here.

That’s going to let you allow me to send you Facebook Alerts when something new is available for you …. you don’t have to do it, but I highly suggest that you do.

…. with that said I will see you on the training here very shortly !

Here are the details for today’s training:

When: Tuesday (Today!)
Time: 3pm EST (2pm CST / 12pm PST)
Where: JOIN US Now

Here’s the thing we are giving away cash prizes and tons of knowledge.

Every week I am live showing you exactly what you need to do to be successful online. Each week we get people raving about the success they are having as a result of attending our trainings…

So the question is pretty simple….

Will you join me at 3pm EST today (In Less Than 30 Minutes)? (click one) Yes No

– Anthony Morrison
Email Marketing Mentor

PS: I would get on early… this room is going to fill up quickly. You’ve been warned..

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