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Thursday’s Headlines: Faced with relentless American pressure, Iran starts to hit back

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Faced with relentless American pressure, Iran starts to hit back
Tehran is seeking to exact a cost for U.S. sanctions that have battered its economy, but it wants to avoid an all-out war.
Putin out-prepared Trump in freewheeling meeting in 2017, Rex Tillerson told House panel
The former secretary of state told the committee that he believed there was more the United States needed to do to counter Russia on the global stage, said a person who was in the room.
The Debrief | Analysis
A Trump Twitter-style diatribe — live from the Rose Garden
The president shut down infrastructure talks after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him earlier of managing a “coverup” in probes of his conduct and administration.
Stripped of women’s records, transgender powerlifter asks, ‘Where do we draw the line?’
Mary Gregory received the trophies and posed for photos. But four days later she was erased from the record books because organizers classified her as a man. Gregory’s performance followed by the swift reversal has prompted heated debates about fairness, physiology and gender traits.
Modi reelected India’s prime minister in a landslide
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies will win a clear majority of seats in Parliament, a striking victory for Modi, an ardent Hindu nationalist who ran a campaign focused on national security.
Leave millennials alone!
Don’t get it twisted. Trump is the one with the picket sign.
Trump has shown his contempt for Congress. Will they reciprocate?
Judges must move quickly to hold Trump accountable
Yes, let’s Yellowhammer Alabama
Trump seems to be transparently mad
More News
Campaign 2020
While teaching, Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour
Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign released a list of cases Wednesday night on her website, revealing a far higher number than previously disclosed.
Violent tornado rips through Jefferson City, Mo., causing multiple injuries and extensive damage
The Missouri Department of Public Safety said first responders in the city were going door to door in an effort to rescue any residents who might be trapped.
How the U.S.-China trade war became a conflict over the future of tech
President Trump didn’t like the way China treated U.S. companies. Now the world’s two largest economies are fighting over who will control the sensitive world of communications.
From the emperor to sumo wrestling, Abe will harness Japan’s traditions to try to impress Trump
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s strategy for the president’s state visit has raised eyebrows, but he is viewed as doing what needs to be done to maintain his country’s most important foreign alliance.
Retropolis | The Past, Rediscovered
Whether she’s on the $20 bill or not, Harriet Tubman made men pay for underestimating her
The redesigned note featuring the abolitionist, who escaped slavery and led hundreds to freedom, will no longer be unveiled in 2020, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.
TV Review
Archie Bunker and George Jefferson meet again, but the sparks don’t exactly fly
ABC’s live restaging of “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” — Norman Lear’s two socially relevant 1970s sitcoms — was a fun idea, but not much more than that.
Medical school’s investigators could not determine whether Northam is in racist yearbook photo
A four-month probe of the 1984 photo was hampered by the passage of time and lack of documentation, investigators concluded. The Virginia governor said neither of the figures is him.

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