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Tired of whimpy affiliate commissions? Get $109 payments over and over

Why settle for whimpy $7 commissions when you can
earn up to $100+ commissions with the same traffic?

In a hurry?

Common Myth Busted!

Most affiliates believe that it’s easier to sell a
cheap product than a high ticket product.

You know what?

It’s the same.. or believe it or not, it’s easier.

AND obviously, you can make a LOT MORE commissions
with higher priced items

Let’s take a $7 ebook for example..

It converts at 3% which is pretty average.

So for every 100 visitors you make $21 if there’s 100%
commissions for you.

Now let’s take a $100 offer…

It converts at 1% (I’m being very conservative here).

And if that affiliate program offers you 100% commissions
on that $100 product, for every 100 visitors you send,
you make $100.

Same traffic, but your commissions are $21 vs. $100.

Which ONE would YOU like to promote?

So you might be wondering by now..

What can I sell for $100+ with 100% commissions?

– NOT ebooks that’s for sure….

Not many people are in this business but the few
who are are killing it!

So what is it?

It’s web TRAFFIC and advertising wholesaling.


Make up to $109 per sale!

The link I gave you above will take you to a page
that shows you an offer for a Wholesale membership
with Top Surfer.

You can become a wholesale member for 1 month for
as little as $10..

But the longer membership you choose, the better
value it works out to be.

And here’s the real *kicker*….

The longer membership you choose, the more
commissions you are entitled to!

You see, Wholesale memberships allow you to keep
100% of all the sales you refer… paid directly
to you.

BUT.. you can only get paid for wholesale accounts
UP TO the membership level you have.

So if you choose a 1 month account, you only keep
sales of clients who buy 1 month account.

If you buy a 6 month membership, you keep all the
sales of anyone who buys a 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 month
wholesale membership.

So the longer the membership you buy, the more
potential you have to cash in.

If you get a short one, you potentially miss out
on the big payouts!

OK, you’re probably on the edge of your seat dying
to get started, so here’s the page with all the info:


You’ll see there’s actually a HEAP of benefits for
wholesale members.. not only the big income opportunity.

To your success,
Stuart Stirling

p.s. See you at the bank!


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