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Latest Articles from Gardening Know How for 05/29/2019

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The Latest Articles From
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What Is A Snow Bush – Snow Bush Plant Care And Growing Conditions

Names are funny things. In the case of the snow bush plant,it is actually a tropical plant and will not survive in a region where it snows. What is a snow bush? It is a bushy, evergreen plant native to the Pacific Islands. The amazing colors of the leaves are dappled with white, which makes it appear as if it was snowed upon. Further snow bush information will help you decide if this pretty plant is right for your garden. What is a Snow Bush? Snow bush (Breynia disticha) is widely cultivated in tropical locales. It can be found from southeastern Asia through Malaysia, to Australia, New Caledonia and New Hebrides. This tropical darling is often used as a colorful hedge, but it suckers profusely and must be maintained to keep it in a tidy habit. Southern gardeners can try growing this plant outdoors but northern gardeners will need to

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Contemporary Garden Ideas – How To Make A Contemporary Garden

The word “contemporary” gets quite a work out when talking about design. But what is contemporary and how does the style translate into the garden? Contemporary garden design is described as eclectic and comprised of a hodge podge of oddly complementary items. This design tactic allows for unique freedom and expression in the landscape. Modern contemporary garden ideas can help you imprint your style in the exterior home environment. What is a Contemporary Garden? Contemporary design relies upon simple, clean lines but can encompass one’s personality. These traits work well in garden design. But what is a contemporary garden? A contemporary garden should have a relaxed and homey feel. It brings the outside in and provides a living space that reflects the owner and invites conversation while providing a modern look. When we talk about contemporary garden design, think sleek but unique. It offers an opportunity to bring in personality

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Cutting Back Impatiens: Learn About Pruning Impatiens Plants

Impatiens plants are the classic shade flowers. They are perfect for filling in those shady areas of beds and the yard where other plants just don’t thrive. They add color and cheer, but impatiens can also become leggy, showing off more stems that blooms. A little trimming will help keep your plants in bloom and attractive until the weather really turns. Why Pruning Impatiens is Important Not only to impatiens flowers fill in shady areas, but they are pretty low maintenance. They need regular water but, otherwise, you mostly don’t have to do anything with them for long periods of time. One thing you may want to do occasionally, however, is pruning or cutting back impatiens. About mid-season, you may notice your impatiens getting a little leggy, meaning their stems get quite long and weak and develop fewer flowers. You’ll see a lot of holes, or empty spaces in your

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