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Sunday’s Headlines: After mass shooting, Virginia Beach mourns and searches for answers

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After mass shooting, Virginia Beach mourns and searches for answers
Officials could offer no clear motive or explanation for what Police Chief James A. Cervera called a “horrific event of unbelievable proportion.” Authorities identified DeWayne Craddock as the shooter who killed 12 people, and said the guns he used had been legally purchased.
What we know about the victims
One worked for the city government for 41 years; another for just 11 months. A third was a contractor who was filing a permit at the worst time possible.
‘He looked me dead in the eye’: Survivors recount the horror
Those who lived through the rampage in Virginia Beach ducked for cover, barricaded themselves and did what countless Americans have learned to do in recent years during active-shooter training.
Analysis: The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting
Neighbors describe shooter as a reserved person who tended to keep to himself
Investigators on Saturday combed through DeWayne Craddock’s life and interviewed city employees to try to explain why the 40-year-old so violently lashed out, killing 12 people.
Virginia GOP blocked bill to ban sales of large-capacity magazines
Each year, Democrats propose multiple gun-control measures. Each year, Republican legislators vote them down.
Fearing active shooters, employers turn to workers to monitor their peers
How companies are trying to prevent, not just react to, attacks in the workplace.
Amazon could face heightened antitrust scrutiny under a new agreement between U.S. regulators
The move by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission could result in increased federal monitoring of Amazon’s and Google’s business practices, according to three people familiar with the matter.
Democrats confront divisions over how to handle increasing calls for Trump’s impeachment
At a California event, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged that he would be held accountable, as activists shouted “Impeach!”
How today’s China was shaped by the Tiananmen Square massacre 30 years ago
After the blood had been washed from the streets, the Communist Party began the great reshaping of the country. It created an implicit compact with the people: You can have economic growth, but you can’t have political freedom.
Charter schools were supposed to save public education. Why did people turn on them?
Michael Wolff’s trip inside Trumpworld, with Steve Bannon as guide
A British boor is just Trump with a posh accent and veneer of ironic detachment
Mount Everest is packed. Whose fault is that?
Why the shooting in Virginia Beach sets an ominous precedent
The Virginia Beach shooting confirms that gun violence is a national emergency
More News
Trump’s reliance on pressure tactics showing diminishing returns
The president has wielded threats, insults and punishments against his foreign counterparts to try to get what he wants.
Chinese trade negotiator defends FedEx probe, warns firms against hurting Chinese companies
China announced an investigation into how FedEx misrouted Huawei packages as U.S.-China tensions over the tech giant soar.
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‘I have a great deal to live for’: My grandfather’s secret D-Day journal
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Her hike led to the discovery of a nearly complete T. rex skeleton
In 1988, Kathy Wankel caught a glimpse of a 66-million-year-old shoulder blade. Her find continues to make history.
Campaign 2020 | Analysis
Can Biden be the future and the past?
Former vice president Joe Biden promises a return to normalcy, to a pre-Trump America. But can he also be a true change agent against the disrupter-in-chief?
In Sochi, Russia’s seaside playground, Putin’s hand is everywhere
The Black Sea resort is more than a favorite Putin getaway. It’s a glimpse into the great divides of Putin’s Russia.
Four hours from the Toronto Raptors’ home, the cradle of basketball also resides in Ontario
James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was born in Almonte, a small town that works hard to honor his legacy while embracing the rise of the Raptors.
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Frank Lloyd Wright tried to create a perfect house for an imperfect world
In 1939, an unknown copy editor from Washington, D.C., begged famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design a home for his family. The result was a modern house that stood decades ahead of its time.
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They share a passion for fashion
But then, she says, “something happened … that really threw me off.”
Why some practitioners of walk-and-talk therapy think it is especially helpful for teens
One reason: It’s often easier to get teens to open up when conversing side-by-side rather than face-to-face.
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