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Monday’s Headlines: Pompeo delivers unvarnished view of Trump’s Middle East peace plan

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Pompeo delivers unvarnished view of Trump’s Middle East peace plan
“I get why people think this is going to be a deal that only the Israelis could love,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an audio recording of a private meeting with Jewish leaders obtained by The Post, adding that the proposal “may be rejected.”
Campaign 2020
Liberals go after Biden, trying to blunt his candidacy and a recent centrist surge among Democrats
The former vice president’s standing hasn’t ebbed as some liberals hoped, so he and other moderates are now targeted in a fight for Democratic Party control.
Fact Checker | Analysis
Would Sanders’s Medicare-for-all save Americans money?
The 2020 presidential hopeful is saying that his plan will cut the cost of health care for many Americans. Here are four factors that would affect whether that promise becomes reality.
Retropolis | The Past, Rediscovered
One of D-Day’s most famous, heroic assaults may have been unnecessary
Though no one questions the bravery of the Army Rangers who scaled Pointe du Hoc, the discovery of a massive German artillery installation three miles away threatens to alter the narrative.
Virginia Beach gunman resigned hours before shooting, officials say
DeWayne Craddock submitted his resignation from his government job hours before he opened fire and killed 12 at a municipal center, officials said. They did not comment on what he wrote in the email sent to his supervisors.
Neighbors describe shooter as a reserved person who tended to keep to himself
Investigators combed through DeWayne Craddock’s life and interviewed city employees to try to explain why the 40-year-old so violently lashed out.
Virginia Beach wants to be known for its boardwalk, SEALs and strawberries — not its tragedy
As residents grieved Sunday, they also took the first steps toward reclaiming the city’s identity. They did so with prayers and vigils. And they simply resorted to habit.
We knew who Trump was and elected him. We can’t impeach him for it.
The trade wars are here. Are trade blocs next?
Dear Robert Mueller: Your report can’t speak for itself
America’s enemies are on notice about this president
Trump should focus more on defending human rights than redefining them
What took so long for women to win the right to vote? Racism is one reason.
More News
Kevin Hassett, Trump’s top economist, to leave White House
Hassett, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, will be “leaving shortly,” the president said in a tweet, adding that he would announce a replacement after he returns from Europe.
Pentagon tells White House to keep politics away from the military
The request from the acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, came amid backlash over an administration request to hide the USS John S. McCain warship during President Trump’s visit to Japan last month.
As Trump’s state visit looms, Britain seems a reluctant host
Some of the traditional trappings — such as staying over at Buckingham Palace and a gold carriage procession down the Mall — are notably absent.
Today’s WorldView | Analysis
Tiananmen Square’s haunted silence, 30 years later
Part of what makes the memory of Tiananmen Square so important is the fragility of that memory itself.
NBA Finals | Game 2
Golden State overcomes a slow start, injuries to beat Toronto, even series
The Warriors used an 18-0 run at the start of the third quarter to erase a five-point deficit and seize home-court advantage from the Raptors with a 109-104 victory.
Taylor Swift rejects Trump’s stance on LGBTQ rights in letter
The pop star posted a message to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) on Instagram (and encouraged fans to write their senators) in recognition of Pride Month.

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