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Tuesday’s Headlines: GOP lawmakers discuss vote to stop Trump’s tariffs on Mexico

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GOP lawmakers discuss vote to stop Trump’s tariffs on Mexico
The vote, which would be Republicans’ most dramatic act of defiance since President Trump took office, could also block billions in border wall funding.
Judge rejects House suit to block transfer of billions of dollars for border wall
A U.S. district judge ruled that one chamber of Congress does not have the legal standing to sue President Trump for allegedly overstepping his power.
House plans antitrust probe of Facebook, Google and other technology giants
The investigation would put Silicon Valley’s business practices on public display at a time when Republicans and Democrats are in rare agreement that the tech giants have been unregulated for too long.
House committee to vote on holding Barr, Ross in contempt over documents on census citizenship question
New evidence emerged suggesting that the citizenship question was crafted specifically to give an electoral advantage to Republicans and whites.
Gen Z kids are the stars of their parents’ social media — and they have opinions about that
Conversations about what their parents post have become a nearly ubiquitous rite of passage for the children as they consider what they want their online presence to look like, and who has the right to define it.
Trump distances himself from ‘Mr. Brexit’ persona during London trip
Instead, President Trump spent the day tending to critics on Twitter, calling the mayor of London a “stone cold loser.” The two leading faces of Brexit have not yet been invited to meet with Trump.
Today’s WorldView | Analysis
The Trump wrecking ball arrives
Some commentators in Britain view the president not just as a nuisance, but also a menace.
Happy 10th birthday to the economic expansion. Don’t count on an 11th.
Disregard Trump’s ground noise. Focus on the signal.
Americans must accept that none of these things ever happened
Trump’s visit to Britain will be remembered as a low moment
A massacre occurred 30 years ago. They haven’t forgotten.
The Mueller fiasco proves that a special counsel position can’t work
More News
FDA wins case against for-profit stem cell company
In a major victory for the government, a federal judge ruled against a Florida-based firm whose treatments have blinded at least four patients. The decision is expected to send a chill through the booming industry.
Man who threw a boy off a mall balcony after ‘looking for someone to kill’ gets 19-year sentence
The boy, identified only as Landen, survived the 40-foot fall at Minnesota’s Mall of America but suffered massive head trauma and fractured bones in his arms and legs.
Life in prison has become a popular YouTube topic
One YouTuber spent much of his adult life wrestling with the criminal justice system — the result, he says, of a drug addiction. Now making videos is his full-time job, netting him a six-figure income.
Owners of former Trump hotel in Panama say president’s firm evaded taxes
The hotel’s majority investor said old financial records show the Trump Organization underreported employee salaries and failed to pay taxes on management fees.
Virginia Beach releases resignation letter employee submitted before rampage
The email, submitted by a city employee in the hours before he shot and killed 12 people, did not foreshadow the violence to come. Officials released the letter as investigators try to determine a motive for the nation’s worst mass shooting this year.

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